‘And See What Comes Out’ (2015)

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I think we are seeing what’s coming out of our colleges, and it isn’t good.

…And See What Comes Out!

Anyone would think the “educators” were purposely trying to destroy our country–and they’d be right.

Of course, now we’ve had a Democrat government imposed on us, so forget about government doing anything at all to correct the abuses of what we laughingly call “higher education.” They’re only there to throw gasoline onto the fire–the more useful idiots the schools turn out, the better they like it.

America might not survive its education system.

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  1. As I’ve mentioned, I keep checking in on my old department at the university that I retired from 12 years ago, and I’m still on the faculty listserv as well. And I can tell you that my old university is no longer recognizable as a university or as any other kind of educational institution. I got out in the nick of time.

    1. And by and by we’ll have tens of thousands of peabrains with degrees in Nothing Studies, and no use that can be made of them. What are we supposed to do with them?

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