Morons Invading the Past

Not content to plague our present and jeopardize our future, Woke morons are now invading our past by demanding that anthropologists studying ancient remains stop classifying them according to “gender”–no more male or female skeletons (

This is so asinine that a lot of readers are convinced it’s just a satire. Sorry, it’s real.

Gender activists push to bar anthropologists from identifying human remains as ‘male’ or ‘female’

See, they can’t, like, ask a thousand-year-old skeleton which “gender” he/she/it “identifies as.” So better not classify it as anything. “Race” is out, too. So if you dig up a 1,500-year-old skeleton, it just might have belonged to a “non-binary individual” who “identified as” one of 50 or 60 made-up “genders” while pursuing xer career as a community pest.

We’re getting this from a group of self-proclaimed “gender activists” called “the Trans Doe Task Force.” Spokesfreak is a “master’s degree candidate“–and you thought real scholarship was dead!

They have not forgotten to put the words “male” and “female” in quotation marks to remind us all that these evil sexist cis-terms are now outmoded and gender is like completely totally fluid and you can be a boy one day and a girl the next [falls to the ground panting, with pink foam oozing out of ears].

Hey, out there! Can anybody, anybody at all, offer a reason, even a freaking silly reason, why any normal people ought to go along with this? Come on, I’m waiting to hear it!

And while you’re at it, we’d also like to hear a reason why our colleges and universities shouldn’t be de-funded rather than being paid handsomely to turn out pure crapola.

‘Crawl on Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face’ (2018)

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Nothing has value for the Left. Nothing. Certainly not friendship, nor courage, nor self-respect, nor decency.

Crawl on Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face

As if we had any right to expect a “journalism professor” to be anything other than a boot-licking toad–

But this is what they want to reduce all of us to. This is why we need godly and courageous leaders who won’t sell out and who will not stop fighting until the whole Woke enterprise is ashes scattered to the wind.

Cornell U: No History Allowed!

Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address

We’re not allowed to have any history. Recently Cornell Looniversity disappeared a plaque of the Gettysburg Address and a bust of Abraham Lincoln (

Gee, what happened to the Gettysburg Address? Why can’t anybody see it? Where did it go?

The looniversity president offered no explanation, no answer, no comment. The most that anybody could find out was, “Someone complained.”

Someone who? Can anyone complain, and Cornell will oblige them? Not flaming likely. Let’s see someone “complain” about stocking the men’s rest rooms with tampons and “period products” and see where that gets you. Is there something in the Gettysburg Address that no sane or decent person would countenance?

Or is this just some more anti-American anti-sane and anti-decent Far Left Crazy horse-schiff?

Defund the colleges. They have gone on too long. Take away the money and be done with them.

Woke Mob ‘Hunts’ Conservative Student

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It’s “education”… so they say.

Bear in mind that the University of Buffalo, New York, is a state university that receives public funds–taxpayers’ money.

Recently a mob of Far Left “students,” estimated at 200 strong, chased and terrorized a conservative student who had to hide in a rest room until she was rescued by police (

Why? Because she, as president of the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, invited former Congressman Allen West–who is black–to speak on how he personally overcame racism. This, according to the mob, was an effort to “silence black people”… by allowing a black man to speak. West had to be escorted off campus by police. The mob, meanwhile, pursued the female student.

As they chased her, the crowd shouted the usual leftist endearments: “No justice, no peace!” (I’d love to know what they mean by “justice.”) And “Get her, get her–the girl in the red dress!”

The student said she feared for her life if they caught her. That was surely a rational fear.

Would things like this still happen at UB if the university lost state funding every time they did? Or are we committed to publicly funding lynch mobs?

They probably can’t identify all the students who took part in this, so the only reasonable alternative is to dock the university’s funds until it can prove it’s not a wokie jungle.

If this is what they’re calling “higher education,” then “higher education” needs to go.

I’m On MeWe Now

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Okay! Thanks to Weavingword, with a little boost from SlimJim, I am now on MeWe and I’ve just made my first post there. I have no idea where this is going to take me. I’m trying to rally Christian bloggers to fight the censors by reblogging or linking to each other’s posts, and I hope MeWe can be part of that.

What I should be seeing is referrals from MeWe. At least, that’s what I think I should be seeing. But it’s very easy for me to go wrong when dealing with computer stuff.

Soon I should be able to put all my blog posts on my MeWe page.

A big part of taking our country back has to be to break the Big Tech oligarchs’ stranglehold on social media.

And get those incredibly wasteful and harmful “colleges” and “universities” defunded!

Salute Idaho! They’re Defunding Far Left Universities

PHOTOS AND UPDATES: Students riot on Beaver Avenue after Penn State wins Big Ten title | University Park Campus News |

Why in the world do we keep paying for this?

If publicly-funded universities in Idaho want to keep “teaching social justice” and clobbering dissent, they’ll have to do it without any money from the state.

The Idaho legislature–three cheers!–voted to cut an additional $2.5 million in state funds from the University of Idaho and Boise State ( They also passed a law against “compelling students” to express allegiance to “Critical Race Theory.” The idea is to wipe out “state sanctioned racism and sexism.”

Now, a place like Harvard wouldn’t even notice the loss of $2.5 million. Their annual budget is literally 20 thousand times bigger than that. But it just might make a dent in Boise State.

Probably the universities in Idaho will continue to preach and practice tyranny while trying to scrounge funds from other sources. But the solution to that problem is simple:

Just keep cutting their budgets till they stop.

Sooner or later you get them to a point where they either have to stop the fascism or go out of business. Let’s shoot for sooner.

‘Academics’ Favor Silencing Conservatives

Many Claim Extremists Are Sparking Protest Violence. But Which Extremists?  - The New York Times

They call it “higher education.”

If you ever thought freedom and liberty were natural aspirations of humanity, think again.

A new study shows a majority of “academics”–professors and graduate students–favor discrimination against whatever conservative colleagues they might find still around on campus ( In fact, many of them favor “dismissing” colleagues if they have conservative beliefs.

At the same time, 70 percent of conservative academics say their colleges and universities have become a “hostile environment” for them, characterized by “powerful conformist pressures.” As in, “Support transgenderism or lose your job.”

And 20 percent of academics under the age of 30 support firing conservatives outright.

How do you think they’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot? If you could be fired for being a leftid? Think they’d support that?

But it’s our fault for continuing to send our sons and daughters to these ideological gulags known as colleges and universities, and tamely continuing to feed the colleges with our tuition dollars. To say nothing of alumni donors, and the government, who pour billions of dollars into this corrupt and wicked system. How else do you think Harvard can boast an annual budget of more than $40 billion? Yes, that’s “billion.”

Everywhere you look, our freedom is under attack. Emboldened by their success in stealing a national election, Far Left Crazy has throttled up its campaign to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist hell-hole, doing as much damage as they can, as fast as they can. It’ll be a miracle if our republic survives the next two years.

There isn’t much that we can do about it; but one thing we can do is stop sending our children to these colleges.

That won’t just save money. It might save souls.

‘And See What Comes Out’ (2015)

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I think we are seeing what’s coming out of our colleges, and it isn’t good.

…And See What Comes Out!

Anyone would think the “educators” were purposely trying to destroy our country–and they’d be right.

Of course, now we’ve had a Democrat government imposed on us, so forget about government doing anything at all to correct the abuses of what we laughingly call “higher education.” They’re only there to throw gasoline onto the fire–the more useful idiots the schools turn out, the better they like it.

America might not survive its education system.

The Hate Group that All the Colleges Love

15 Pictures Of Puppies Doing The Cutest Puppy Things | 98.7 KLUV

Once upon a time, this would have been unthinkable in America–forcing people to sign a “pledge” endorsing a political doctrine that they don’t believe in. As in “Sign it or else!”

Thanks to our America-hating educational system, it’s unthinkable no more.

All over the country, colleges and universities are forcing students and staff to sign pledges of support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, a violent Marxist revolutionary group ( Some 150 law schools have told the American Bar Assn. that you shouldn’t be able to practice law until after you’ve completed “antiracist training.”

Wait! Stop! Hold it right there!

By requiring Americans to “take a stand against racism,” the Far Left turns it into a given that America is a racist society. They no longer have to prove it: it just is. They no longer have to win the argument. “Given that America is this evil racist society, what has to be changed about it?” This is an illegitimate and totally dishonest question.

It is not a racist country. And we are damned fools for allowing ourselves to be cowed by a bunch of commies, and not sticking up for our country–and meanwhile half the world is willing to do just about anything they can to come to this racist hell-hole… gimme a break.

These colleges and universities are actively undermining America, and using America’s hard-earned money to do it, and it flaming well has to stop. Or are we just going to wait until they tear down our republic and turn us into Venezuela North?

Take away the money! No more money for these wretched people! Stop the funding!

Before they stop our country.

‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex with the Earth”‘ (2017)

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What could be a bigger waste of money than college?

Why, oh, why are we paying hard-earned money to idiots and lunatics to (ahem!) “educate” our sons and daughters?

And how much are we paying out to clowns like this?

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

We probably have about ten times as many “universities,” ten times as many professors and instructors, as any civilization can possibly need. It would be a giant step toward sanity to close them down. Not all of them. Only 90% of them.

There is no excuse for” teaching” schiff like this.