…And See What Comes Out!

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In Snorri Sturlusson’s history of King Harald I of Norway, written in the Middle Ages, he reports that Harald married a queen who had a reputation for practicing witchcraft. When she died, Harald was so distraught that he forbade anyone to move her body. Amazingly, the corpse, just left on the bed for month after month, did not decay. But finally, when they had to do something about the bedding, they turned her over–and she burst wide open, and a multitude of hideous little monsters swarmed out of her body, which instantly decayed.

Hmm… Was Snorri actually writing about America’s college and university system in 2017?

I visited The College Fix today (http://www.thecollegefix.com/), and it was so full of revolting news reports, I didn’t know where to begin. Catholic college, Georgetown, punishes students for promoting Catholic teachings on marriage. Smith College Queer Studies program–yes, you can get a degree in that, and don’t even ask what it costs–seeks to “disrupt normative sex,” only aberrant sex allowed. Another college teaches that “white people slaughtered and maimed their way to the top” and need to be brought down, I guess so other groups can have their turn to slaughter and maim people. And on and on and on, one after another. I just can’t zero in on any one of them. I couldn’t even get up the nerve to count them.

What are our colleges doing to us? If all these millions of students actually come to believe the drivel they’ve been taught, so ripe with hate, fury, and the potential for violence, what kind of hell-hole will America be turned into, in their hands? Think about it: someone’s got to.

Shut them down. Cut off the money and shut them down. Find some other means of higher education. And maybe someday we can build new colleges where decency and sanity prevail.

But first put a stop what what all these schools are doing.

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  1. Great analogy! Of late, I’ve noticed that the truth is leaking out on many fronts.

    The NFL is feeling the effects of these player protests and the players seem oblivious to the fact that if no one comes to games or watches them on TV those fat paychecks will bounce. People are getting tired of the whining and choosing other pastimes.

    The motion picture industry seems to be having a slow year and predicted blockbusters are not busting any blocks. Sex scandals seem to be coming to light all over Hollywood and some involve the sexual abuse of minors. Once again, I believe that people are tired of hearing ultra-privileged actors denigrating the president and the US and choosing other sources for entertainment.

    The colleges seem to think themselves unassailable, but they forget that people have options and may choose to no longer support institutions which, in some cases, have become little more than fora for a social/political agenda which goes against the values of most Americans.

    1. My dentist went to the Giants game yesterday (he bought the tickets well in advance) and told me the stands were about 25% empty and the only Giant who dissed the National Anthem was one of the assistant coaches: all the players remained standing.

      I guess they can see the empty seats.

    1. Thanks for posting this, Watchman, and I recommend everybody read it. I’d just love to know how UFOs and Space Brothers endow our lives with meaning. Uh, wait a minute–I think maybe I’d rather not know that, after all.

    2. Would you believe it? In my old horror novel, “Mind Stealer,” published almost 30 years ago, one of my characters said, “The flip side of science and technology is ignorance and superstition.”
      Often a writer’s book is smarter than he is.

    3. I’m not sure who are the conservatives that don’t believe in God. In America, a conservative is one who wants to conserve the principles of our founding documents and the Christian worldview that birthed it (along with some optimistic Enlightenment stuff).

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