Dems Want President to ‘Share’ Authority to Launch Nuclear Missiles

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If you can’t trust this guy with the nuclear missiles… hey, game over.

If Democrats haven’t made you physically ill yet, maybe this’ll do it.

Citing preposterous and totally fictional concerns that President Donald Trump might have gone crazy and started dropping nuclear bombs around the place, 31 Democrat weenies in the House of Representatives have released a letter calling for the president to “share” the authority to launch nuclear missiles (

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a compulsive liar, sez she contacted the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Jan. 6–when there was a very small riot at the Capitol Building–to ask about “preventing an unstable president” from going nuclear. The noozies take it as a given that nobody on the Left had anything whatsoever to do with organizing the riot–we are to take their word for it that the whole thing was 100% Donald Trump’s fault.

When did they outlaw intellectual honesty among “journalists”?

Anyway, according to this letter from the House, unspecified “past presidents” have “exhibited behavior that causes other officials to express concerns about the presidents’ judgment.”

Now, nowhere in the letter do they mention alleged “President Joe Biden,” or his leg hairs, or his deathless quote, “You know… uh, uh… the thing!” So what “presidents” are they “concerned” about? We ain’t got but one–and he’s defective. Everybody knows it.

The president has sole authority to launch nuclear missiles. At the same time, American military officers have a duty to disobey unlawful orders. And a lunatic president can be removed from office, per the 25th Amendment. Were they really, truly afraid Donald Trump was tempted to nuke D.C.? Or were they more worried that Doddering Joe might press the button because he thought he was having a rumble with Corn Pop down by the swimming pool?

Some Dems have suggested that it might be well if the president had to share that authority with, say, the vice president and whatever wad of protoplasm occupies the Speaker’s chair. Yeah, swell idea. Round ’em up and chew the fat for a couple hours while the bad guys are gleefully peppering America with their missiles. And there’s always the possibility that they might not be able to reach an agreement in time to fight the nuclear war at all. So the reason the president has that sole authority is because time is of the essence.

Readers’ Quiz For The Day: Who are more dishonest–Democrats or “journalists”?

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