‘Beware the Archiarchy!’ (2018)

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Which one was the archiarch?

I don’t even know whether I’m satirizing this stuff anymore, it’s gotten so ridiculous. I mean, did I make this up, or did I pattern it on a real intellectual idiot saying real idiotic things?

Beware the Archiarchy!

Dept. of Meaningful Coincidences: In trying to paste this link, the lead paragraph came up three times. Three! That can only mean it’s super-important. Heaven knows what would’ve happened if I’d just given up on the whole thing and gone back to bed.

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  1. That 2018 post is even more hilarious today than it was at first, and that’s saying a lot! Unfortunately, it’s also much sadder and scarier today, in that we’re hearing more and more of the bilge, not just in cis-boom-bah (!!) academia but also in Congress.

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