Beware the Archiarchy!

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First there was the “patriarchy,” then the “kyriarchy”–and now the “archiarchy”!

So what is the archiarchy? Dr. Wanda Pimbleton Slough, who holds the Moe Howard chair for Intersectional Feminist Cis-Boom-Bah Studies at Fimbo University, explains. Sort of.

“The kyriarchy tells the patriarchy what to do, and the archiarchy tells them both what to do,” writes the professor. “In any effort to build a truly trans-feminist boodlebomp societal infrastructure, it is necessary to expose the archiarchy as the enemy of true introfractal justice. And you may quote me on that!”

She added, “In other words, the pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle. This means the heteronormative frangibility of all trans-intersectional coelocanths must be considered as fully corputational. I trust I’ve made that clear.”

One can only stand in awe.

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