Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

I can show videos with snow in them now, can’t I? Like, it’s March, spring’s in the air, it ain’t gonna snow no more, no more…

But look–if you were a dog, you might not mind so much. Body-sledding for the bulldog; the golden retriever goes for something a bit more humanish.

Anyway, I love to watch dogs and cats playing in the snow.

4 comments on “Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. I think it has been about 79 or 80 years since I did that. It was at the local “sled hill” just at the edge of town where I grew up. Didn’t hurt me then, but I think it might now.

  2. When I was a freshman in college, our dorm was in the foothills of a surrounding mountain range, and our dining hall was in the men’s dorm quite a bit further down the hill. My best friend and I sometimes liked to lie down on the field beside the downhill road and roll down the hill to the dining hall. Or just roll down the hill for the fun of it.

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