Had Enough Yet?

Guidelines issued by Peel Health instructing parents to keep kids with no symptoms isolated from the rest of their family if they are sent home from school because a classmate tests positive for COVID-19.

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The Peel Region schools (covering three suburbs of Toronto) have issued “guidelines” for subjecting children to solitary confinement if someone in their class tested positive for COVID-19 (https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/experts-call-peel-guidelines-to-place-children-in-solitary-quarantine-cruel-punishment).

We still have not been told why this is being treated as if it were the deadliest disease in history; but meanwhile, get a load of this.

If one child in your child’s class tests positive, your child must “self-isolate” for 14 days. He or she must stay in the same room for 14 days and never come out, use a separate bathroom if possible, “and isolate from the rest of the family” for the whole 14 days–voila! Solitary confinement! I wonder if you’re supposed to slide the kid’s meals to him through a slot under the door. And the other children in the family can’t go out for 14 days.

Parents will be fined $5,000 if they make the mistake of treating their children like human beings.

This is not truly outlandish child abuse because __________. Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat.

Any number of experts have denounced this policy as cruel, harmful, and bizarre, but the Peel Region schools aren’t backing down. “They’re our peasants and we’ll step on them whenever we want!”

Yo, Fauci & Co.! Yeah, you–the scientific establishment! Tell us why we have to put up with all this schiff! Anyone would think you were simply using scare tactics to increase your power over us. And get rich.

Fourteen days in solitary. What’ll they advise us to do if a really serious disease comes along–put our children down? Put ourselves down?

Who do we tolerate this?

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  1. The world is getting worse. This is out and out cruelty. Not even adults would be able to stand this.

  2. Things like this should make us all the more grateful for the written Constitution that the Founders left for us. The left keeps tearing pieces off it, and trying to shred huge chunks of it, but there are still enough bits left — so far — to shield us from the worst of what other countries are doing without the guardrails of our Constitution.

    “God of Hosts, turn us back. Let your face shine forth and we shall be saved.” (Ps. 80, Grail Psalter translation for the Liturgy of the Hours)

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