‘A Humble Assumption’


I think the very hardest thing in Christianity is to hold onto one’s faith in all God’s actions. That whatever happens, even exceedingly bad things, “We must believe,” writes Mark Rushdoony, “that God is good.”


Yes, that’s hard. When we lose our loved ones, that’s hard. When we see the ungodly and the wicked running wild (Psalm 73), while the righteous can hardly get from day to day, that’s hard.

So we need to say, as Abraham said, “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?” (Genesis 18:25). Abraham earnestly wished God to spare the city of Sodom, for his nephew Lot’s sake, who lived there; but he was prepared to believe in the righteousness of any step God chose to take.

That’s hard. It requires a degree of humility that doesn’t come natural to us.

We can start by praying for it.

5 comments on “‘A Humble Assumption’

  1. He who sees the end from the beginning and who creates darkness and light (Isaiah 45:7) to assure the perfect conclusion of His will in all things. We go through times of testing for our own good and growth.

  2. Life in this fallen world is a test of faith. As Erlene commented, Romans 8:28. Thursday evening when I came home from a City Elders meeting, my wife had fallen on the kitchen tile floor and was in great pain. I called the EMS and the ER x-rays showed she had broken her right arm in two places. Spring is our busiest time working in our garden and lawns so this is a big disappointment for both of us. I am now wearing the hat of a nurse. Prays for 72 year-old Linda appreciated.

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