‘Thou Shalt Not Reward Straight A’s’ (2014)

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And here we have, ahem, “reporters” swooping down on little kids to ask them penetrating questions and, if all goes well, to make them cry.

Thou Shalt Not Reward Straight A’s

When I was in school, they wouldn’t have had enough straight-A students to throw a party for; so this problem never came up. But imagine you’re told you can’t have a birthday party unless everyone is invited?

Have you noticed this about liberals? The only fun they know how to have is stopping other people from having fun.

6 comments on “‘Thou Shalt Not Reward Straight A’s’ (2014)

  1. When I went to school, it was a foregone conclusion that there would be straight A’s and F’s and that was just the way it was; accepted. Most of the F’s were to those who just were not interested in the classes offered; they were interested in agriculture and farming, or just didn’t care about anything school had to offer. It was accepted for what it was. We have really fallen off the cliff since that time.

    1. It seemed to me, when I was a little boy sentenced to attend school, that only a few girls ever got straight A’s.

  2. It was a bit different in my classes. The top three were girls. I was number one, and the next two were also girls. Many of the boys were just not interested in studying or learning, or concerned about grades.

  3. And so it was with all the boys in my class. In my case, I knew my parents wanted me to study, learn, etc. and I did not want to disappoint them. I hate disappointing anyone, and try not to. That doesn’t apply to those who want to control my life with evil. My parents always showed me respect and appreciation, and they listened to my ideas, unlike these government swamp people.

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