Birthday Greetings: Lydia

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While you poor American dillies try to cope with losing an hour to daylight savings time, here on Rottnest Island we’re getting a party together to wish Lydia a Happy Birthday!

She’s left us for college, but nobody told me to take her name off the birthday list and besides, we don’t forget you, whoever you are.

In fact, I’d like to make the list longer! If you’d like birthday greetings from Byron the Quokka, well, let us know and we’ll add you to the list.

Happy Birthday, Lydia, wherever you are.

4 comments on “Birthday Greetings: Lydia

  1. Lydia, if you’re going through the archives after you’ve finished college, and you happen upon this post, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We miss you.

    I’m so glad we’re remembering Lydia, even if she can’t read the greetings right now. I was just thinking and praying about her this morning in church.

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