‘Moby-Dick, or The (What?) Whale’

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Here’s another little chip knocked off our past: a small thing, but if the leftids keep on doing it, these small chips will add up into big ones and we’ll be cut off from our moorings and set adrift on a sea of ignorance.

When Herman Melville’s classic of American literature was published in 1851, its full title was Moby-Dick, or the White Whale. Nineteenth-century publishing was big on subtitles. But here, as you can see in the book cover reproduced above, they’ve changed the subtitle so it’s just or, The Whale.

Now I’m not going to re-read it with a score-sheet to keep track of all details added to or subtracted from the novel for the sake of political correctitude. The one change in the title itself is enough to make my point.

Melville used “the whiteness of the whale” to transform Moby-Dick into something more than an ordinary whale. This whale is different: it’s something that anyone with his head on straight will want to avoid. But Captain Ahab is obsessed with hunting it, and you know how that turned out. The narrator, Ishmael, quotes the Book of Job: “And I only am escaped to tell thee.” Moby-Dick has killed everybody else and sunk the whaling vessel.

So taking away the whiteness of the whale damages the novel–and why would they want to do that?

It’s another little bit of Cancel Culture, of course. What leftids want to do is cut us off from our past: cut us off from all thought but theirs. Like, human life never truly began until these culture commissars came along and invented everything we’re supposed to know from now on. Only what they want us to know. Only what they want us to think. Only what they want us to read.

Don’t ask me why we tolerate this; I don’t know.

We really must make them stop doing this to us.

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  1. But but but … the white whale is a symbol of something primordially dangerous, in some interpretations representing original sin. So why are the wokerati cancelling it? Maybe because they identify with Ahab, the obsessive whale hunter who should know better and dies at the end almost by his own hand (literally)? I suppose, though, if the whale were a dark color, they’d cancel that, too, for a depiction of something dangerous as a Whale Of Color.

    They don’t care. They just want to destroy. They’ll come up with a reason for the destruction later. See also Lavrenti Beria: “Show me the man and I’ll find the crime.” I seem to be quoting him a lot lately.

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