Loudon County Schools’ ‘Anti-Racist’ Witch Hunt

“Educating” your children…

We don’t need actual tyrants anymore to take away our liberty. Ordinary schlubs will volunteer to do it.

In Loudon County, Virginia, a coven calling itself “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudon County” is trying to recruit hackers to “silence” and “expose” any parents who have questioned, criticized, or been appalled by the school district’s devotion to “critical race theory” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/teachers-plot-parents-question-racial-curriculum/).

I hear a sane person asking, “What’s that?” Well! “Critical Race Theory,” CRT for short, teaches that all white persons are racists, all guilty of racism, and must all be made to suffer for it. Nice thing to be teachin’ in the schools, don’t you think? And you are not allowed to disagree! ‘Cause if you do, the “anti-racist parents,” most of whom are “teachers” or former teachers, will do their racketeering best to make your life a hell.

There’s a rumor that some George Soros money is involved in this. Soros money elected a Far Left Crazy county prosecutor, who apparently is going to allow these, um, “parents” to racketeer to their hearts’ consent.

Meanwhile the county sheriff is “reviewing the situation.” Whatever that means.

But the good nooze is, we don’t need tyrants anymore! Any nasty little nest of Democrats can create tyranny wherever they happen to be.

I wish I didn’t believe these things were happening.

Pray hard.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t send your kids to public schools to be “educated” by those wack jobes in the teacher unions!


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  1. What happened to all the laws against stalking and bullying, not to mention extortion?

    Yes, I know they’re not going after money, but they’re still demanding certain behavior under threat of personal damage. “Nice little job / home / family / property you’ve got here. Shame if anything were to happen to it.”

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