Lies Told by Ninnies

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It used to be the whole point of telling a lie was to gain some advantage by getting someone to believe something that wasn’t true.

But now it’s just lies for the sake of lying.

A “teacher” entered my chess forum the other day to claim,”Critical Race Theory is not taught in public schools.” What hope did he have that I’d believe him? What hope did he have that anyone would believe him?

Up until a few months ago, “educators” all over America were bragging about their “anti-racist” (all white people are evil) teaching, and listing Critical Race Theory as “a great resource” on their school districts’ official websites. Sometimes they would give CRT another name–“Equity Education,” for instance–but forget to take CRT off the website. Duh. (Do you really want your kids “taught” by people that stupid?)

They even lie to themselves. Think of Democrats (the odious Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren springs to mind) waving their fists in the air and asserting that virtually everyone in America wants there to be no restrictions on abortion, none at all. Who believes that?

“There was nothing crooked about that last election!”

It’s getting so lying is the No. 1 means of communication.

Fighting Back: Conservatives Win 10 of 11 School Board Seats

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Just like St. George!

“You wanna politicize everything? Okay, fine. Let’s politicize this!”

Conservative candidates have won 10 out of 11 school board seats in Tarrant County, Texas ( The one candidate who didn’t win outright will have another chance in a run-off election.

Nooze media seem disconcerted by the fact that conservative and Christian donors and PACs spent half a million dollars on these elections. (Boo hoo! Only leftids are allowed to do that!) The money was mostly spent on consultants who organized the campaign as a fight against teaching Critical Race Theory (all white people are evil racists, blah-blah) and stocking pornographic “gay” books in the schools.

You will find the “teachers” and their unions now saying there is no CRT being taught in public schools. The art of lying has greatly decayed. Dudes, inventing new names for it doesn’t fool us anymore. Especially when you’ve still got CRT listed as “a great resource” on the school district’s official website.

Finally the good guys are playing to win. Finally our side’s raising money to counter the annual largesse handed to the Far Left by the teachers’ unions.

Leftids, there are more of us than there are of you, and you’ll soon know it!

You and your 80 million phantom Biden voters.

Satanists Sue School District (LOL)

Satan after school? Club "inspired" by Satan to start at local elementary  school | WKRC

The “Satanic Temple” has announced that it will sue the North York, Pennsylvania, school district for not allowing an “After-School Satan Club” (

Sheesh! Can you say “coals to Newcastle”? Public education is a Satan club!

It seems the school offered to let them have their club–supposedly devoted to Smart Thinking and “rationalism”, as defined by themselves–if they didn’t call it a Satan club or use the name of Satan. We are talking here of clubs that meet on school property, which is public property.

Public, eh? You mean, like, “who pays for that school property”? Why, that would be the defenseless public, no one else, taxed half to death and yet with absolutely no say as to how the money is used, or what is taught there, or who teaches it. What could be more Satanic than that?

(Well, yeah, they could easily make it worse by adding Critical Race Theory and transgender stuff–if they don’t already have it.)

You’d think the public would get to own the property they pay for!

Just one of those unjust, unreasonable, and stupid things that needs to be changed, big-time.

Are We Winning?

An 'original copy' of Willard's 'Spirit of '76' painting surfaces

“The Spirit of ’76”–we’ve got to get it back.

There’s so much bad nooze out there. But do you ever get a sense that much of it springs from… desperation? That Far Left Crazy is putting the pedal to the metal because they see America slipping from their grasp, just when they thought they had it all sewn up for the wokies?

Are we winning? And don’t yet know it?

Perverted public school teachers who bragged about their exploits on social media–and now paying for it. Court blocks The Regime from lifting Title 42 and allowing another surge of illegal immigration. Secret “gender transition closets” in the schools… exposed. The groomers of Disney Corp smacked down, but good, by the state of Florida. CNN+ canceled after less than a month. Elon Musk buys Twitter, and just might restore free speech to that corner of the social media. States banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the public schools. Throngs of parents attending school board meetings to object to all sorts of “education” abuses–and many of them now seeking seats on their local boards.

These make for a rather large pushback.

Two things we must do: pray unceasingly for God’s help, and work hard, very hard, to win the midterm elections and cast the Far Left Crazy out of office.

And that’s only the first step. We are confronted with the challenge of saving our republic. We must not fail.


We Teech Crypticle Race Theery!!!

Night of the Living Dead has a scarier story than you think...because  copyright is terrifying | CBC Arts

Iff yiu reed “the” News thenn yiu know this heer No-good cuontry it is fulled of Hater Biggits whoo “are” all Wyte Peeple thay oppresz Evry Boddy “and” it Is Socile Jutstus to putt themb Daown so thay Caint do “it” enny Moar!!!!!

Heer at collidge we has a Spacial Coarse in Crypticle Race Theery,, no One “is” aloud not To taik It!!!! And Lessin One,, the frist Thing yiu lurn, “it is” to whatch this heer Moovy it is caled “The” “Nite” “Of” the Livving Deadd”!”!” Becose then yiu lurn Somb thing yiu “diddnt” Know!!!!!

See, peeple whoo Identrify as Wyte thay “Are” not Alyve!!!!!! Thay are jist Zombees who “go” arauond Eeting reel Peapil!!!!!! it “is” Horrabul!!!!!!!!!

But Crypticle Race Theery it teeches yiu haow “to” sea thuru awl “the” lyes and Then yiu knowe that Wyte Peoaeple thay “are ” Evel and awl thay Do “is” Oppresz reel lyve poeples so thay Can eet themb!!!!! Awl Wytes thay are Bad and awl piepul Not Wyte thay “are” Goood!!!!!

And then somb Hater ((i doughnt knoew Haow he gott “in” thare!!”) he sayed “”Butt awl the peeeple In “this” roomb,, thay awl “Are” Wyte!”! Dose that meene Awl “of” yiu, yiu are Rasist Biggits aslo?!?”?” Kneedliss to say,, whe awl beet himb Up!!!!

We can’not has Socile Jutstus in Amairacka untill we Get Ridd “of” awl themb Zombees!!!!!!

Another ‘College’ Fail

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition – Marquette University Law School  Faculty Blog

“Nobody expects the E-town Inquisition!”

Why does anybody want to go to college? Why do parents send their kids? It costs a fortune, and what do you get?

Take, f’rinstance, Elizabethtown College (never heard of it) in Pennsylvania. They’re playing with FIRE (–that is, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education–who has warned them to stop violating civil rights laws. Indeed, FIRE says the school violates many of its own stated policies.

*E-town, as they call it, practices segregation. Like so: “This group will be a space for people who identify as individuals of color.” I suppose I could walk through the door and “identify” as a Zulu; but the intent is clearly racial segregation. Not lawful.

*And because black students are “extremely marginalized” (and whose fault is that?), any “negative view” of Critical Race Theory is against the rules and will be punished. You know CRT–all whites are evil racists, all non-whites are pitifully oppressed and need white liberals to lead them across the street. Well, you can’t have a negative view of that.

*The “college” has also gone after a student group that privately raised money for traveling expenses, after the school refused to give them any. Somewhere there must be white supremacy here… has anybody looked under the rug?

This shabby excuse for a college is affiliated with the Church of the Brethren (never heard of them, either). Guys, do you support this schiff? If not, seems like a few firings are in order.

Does “higher education” teach anything but racial fear and hatred anymore?


Not that I expect an answer.

Race-Based School Discipline–Oh, Boy!

See? All white liberals, doing the devil’s work

How good a job is public “education” doing of teaching kids that Everything Is Race?

Well, here we go–check out Washington. After the state legislature voted (!) to make Critical Race Theory (all whites are bad, all non-whites are oppressed) the foundation of school discipline policy, a school board voted to make the discipline itself race-based (

That means white kids get harsher penalties, non-white kids get easier ones, for the same offense.

White kids make up only 28% of the student body in this Clover Park district. But look at the school board–all white liberals! Does that stink to high heaven, or what? They passed this garbage, 3-2.

If you’re still sending your kids to a public school, why in God’s name are you doing that? Don’t you care what kind of toxic, racist poison they pump into children’s heads? I mean, they’re training kids to hate and fear each other, based on race. That’s what you’re getting for your school tax dollars.

Is that what you want?

Just a Few Thoughts

Cliff Falling Stock Illustrations – 1,227 Cliff Falling Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Does it ever seem to you that this fallen world of ours is falling farther, falling faster, by the day?

For the sake of ten just men, God would have spared Sodom. How many would He have to find here, to spare the U.S.A.?

Our ruling class teaches, preaches, promotes and exalts “transgender” as if their lives depended on it. Why? Does anybody understand that?

If they honestly, truly, sincerely believe “a man can get pregnant!”, then they’re idiots at best, and quite probably lunatics. If they don’t believe it, but say it anyway, then they’re just plain evil. Either way, we lose.

Why do white liberals try to indoctrinate normal people’s children with Critical Race Theory? Ooh, let’s foment racial fear and hatred! We’ll do it in the schools! Why do we let them do it?

Is this still America? Who in 1788 would have dreamed that all this Far Left Crazy trash would ever be imposed on us–and that we’d sit there on our butts and take it?

And that’s just stuff in our country. The rest of the world isn’t doing any better.

IN ADDITION: Please pray for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has been hospitalized for “an infection,” whatever that is (not COVID, they say), with “flu-like symptoms.” Justice Thomas is one of those just men whom we need if God is not going to pull the plug on us; we can’t afford to lose him. O Lord our God, please save him for us! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

California Teachers’ ‘Cult-Like Experience’

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I try not to get involved with nooze on Sunday. It isn’t good for my soul. But occasionally I make an exception because there are things I think we ought to pray about.

Remember when “teachers” enjoyed public esteem and affection? [two-minute laugh break] Well, that time’s over. They’ve gone over to the dark side. They’re the bad guys now, with nothing they want to do more than push “transgender” and Critical Race Theory.

“Teacher training” in California, according to some of the participants, has come to be “a cult-like experience” ( aimed at gettin’ the new teachers’ minds right about “preferred pronouns.” Which, as you would know if you weren’t a kook, are lies. It’s sort of “go along with this, or else.” Or else you can’t be a teacher.

Is this fallen world falling farther and faster by the day?

Lord, are you hearing our prayers?

So Bad, So Fast…

11 Times the Statue of Liberty Got Destroyed in Movies | Julep by  Triplemint.

I feel vaguely sick just now–not physically, but spiritually.

I never dreamed America would ever have a presidential administration that would do our country so much harm in so little time. Only a year and change. At the rate they’re going, we might not even have a country by the end of their first term in office.

President SloJo is a puppet, a wacky old crock, manipulated by a mob of amateurs, criminals, and fools. They put it all in motion by shutting off the Keystone Pipeline. But that was only the first of many imbecilities.

Look at it. Raging inflation. Riots. A war in Europe that never would have started with Donald Trump in the White House: after our fiasco in Afghanistan, who in the world was ever going to be afraid of us? We were too busy tearing down statues and letting convicted felons out of jail to prey on us some more.

School boards spying on parents, government ordering the FBI to treat discontented parents and taxpayers as domestic terrorists. Critical Race Theory shoved down children’s throats. Movers and shakers pushing “transgender” as if their lives depended on it.

How could it all go so bad, so fast?

Watching this tragedy unfold is literally sickening.

God help us.