Have They Gone Too Far?

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Napoleon used to say that when your enemy is making a mistake, get out of the way and let him do it.

Faint stirrings in the winds of politics suggest that maybe the Left in America today is about to make a very serious mistake–defending Critical Race Theory. That’s the “teaching” that all white people are born guilty of racism, America’s a no-good racist country, and that nothing good can happen here until–well, who knows what their “solution” is?

And all over the country parents are rising up to protest this “teaching” in the public schools, crowds of them at school board meetings, all demanding that CRT has got to go. Gosh, who would’ve thought it? Teaching children that they’re all evil racists, their parents are racists, and their country is evil and racist–what? They don’t like it? They don’t want it? What a surprise!

And they don’t want it at their workplaces, either.

Obviously the most foolish thing the Left can do is to try to hang on to CRT and keep it going, despite almost universal opposition. Much wiser would be to admit to themselves that this bird won’t fly and very quietly back off from it. But that would entail government officials admitting that one of their pet policies is a dead loser. When was the last time you saw them do that?

As for getting out of the way, that time has not yet come. More protests are needed. This wicked, anti-Christian, anti-American foolishness has got to be exposed for what it is: way too many people have not yet been clued in.

This is about saving our country. Contrary to Napoleon’s advice, we have to keep pounding away at this monstrosity until it falls.

And it will be a good day for America when we can finally shout, “Timberrrr!”


Baptists to Clash Over ‘Critical Race Theory’

Town hall' meetings mostly draw angry people. Should members of Congress  hold them anyway? | MinnPost

Our friend “thewhiterabbit” has warned us to keep an eye on this year’s Southern Baptist Convention meeting, and urged us to pray for the delegates, that they will speak truth and do right.

The annual meeting starts on June 15 in Nashville, and among the major issues to be dealt with is “Critical Race Theory”–an academic euphemism for the “teaching” that all white people are born guilty of racism, etc. Believe it or not, there are those among the SBC who want the nation’s largest Protestant denomination to embrace this evil claptrap (https://apnews.com/article/race-and-ethnicity-racial-injustice-religion-baptist-8913f904e9ed98c05279e0f0623c933e).

[Note the flagrant dishonesty of the Associated Press. Their description of CRT as “an academic approach to understanding systemic racism” slides “systemic racism” under the door, unexamined, unquestioned–while at the same time soft-peddaling CRT as something other than the hatful of hatred that it is.]

There can only be three possible outcomes–four, if you want to count lapsing into irresolute confusion. One, the SBC rejects this racist ideology. Two, the delegates all go mad and they sign on to CRT. Three, the SBC ruptures along largely racial lines.

Now… why would anybody countenance “teaching” children or adults to hate themselves, hate and fear each other, hate their families, hate their country, and hate their God? Why are we even discussing such an abomination as Critical Race Theory?

Because leftids want to gain power by manipulating Americans against each other–and the more chaos, fear, crime, and violence it brews, the better it serves their purpose.

We must not let them do this to us!

By all means, do whatever is just and feasible to mollify and appease the SBC’s black congregations. The church is, after all, a brotherhood–or at least is meant to be. But those measures must stop short of giving any kind of approval whatsoever to CRT.

All have sinned: the Christian faith admits this. But all sins are washed away by Jesus Christ. CRT is in stark contradiction to the whole New Testament. And why that should take the SBC more than ten seconds to realize, I don’t understand.

Dennis Prager: Leave the Public Schools

I’ve been saying this for years, and R.J. Rushdoony and the Chalcedon Foundation said it for decades: get your children out of public school.

It’s beginning to sound like Americans are waking to their peril. Yesterday big-name commentator Dennis Prager came aboard.


You should click the link and read the whole thing, but he has one quote that must be posted here:

“The single best thing Americans can do to counter the left-wing attack on America–against its freedoms, its schools, its families, its children, its governmental institutions, its sports, its news and entertainment media, its medical establishment, its CIA, its FBI, the State Department, and the military–is to take their children out of America’s schools.”

Or, as I have put it, kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

At last people all over the country are standing up against their so-called schools–mostly because the schools have tried to impose Critical Race Theory on human beings. It’s too bad it took such a gaudy abomination as CRT to wake us up, but better late than never.

Our “education” system is killing us. That is not a figure of speech. The system is run by Far Left lunatics who won’t rest until they’ve destroyed our republic. That’s not a figure of speech either: take it literally.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Prager! What took you so long?

Teacher Defies the Far Left

We put up a post about this yesterday–a public school teacher publicly standing up against the insane and evil racialist indoctrination that’s going in in public schools all over the country.

Jonathan Koeppel is his name, and America needs more like him.

We do not need a bunch of slimy wackos “teaching” our children that America is a con game that “makes life easier for white people” and “oppresses” everybody else.

REMEMBER: Leftists/Democrats need for us to hate each other! And do everything in their power to foment and stoke that hate.

Don’t let them get away with it!

‘Unequally Woked’–Teacher Refuses to Teach Far Left Ideology in His Class

Leftist Indoctrination

We thank God that Far Left phony “education” in our public schools is finally encountering some pushback.

As reported by the Family Research Council (https://www.frc.org/updatearticle/20210525/unequally-woked), a Spanish teacher in St. Tammany Parish, LA, Jonathan Koppel, spoke out against mis-education at a local school board meeting–video of which has gone viral, sparking similar protests in many other school districts. In Oklahoma a teacher’s protest inspired passage of a new law banning the “teaching” of Critical Race Theory and transgender propaganda in the schools.

“Don’t push this ideology on children,” Koppel said. “I’m not going to work in a district that’s okay with that.”

These evils were slipped into the curriculum while “nobody was really looking for it,” he said; and now people, angered though they are, “are scared to death” to oppose it. But in spite of the fear of being ostracized, canceled, denounced as a “racist,” etc., the opposition is growing.

How many times have we warned people that “not in our schools!” is simply wishful thinking? This goes on in public schools everywhere. And then college finishes the job, and we have thousands of useful idiots marching for BLM. They may not be able to read or write, may not know any history or science–but by thunder, they’re woke!

Homeschool and Christian school, Mr. Koppel–the public schools are too far gone, the Far Left owns them. We’ve been following its progress (if you want to call it that) for twenty years. “Public education” has degenerated into non-stop indoctrination–anti-Christian, anti-family, and anti-American.

At least now the American people are being clued in. Ignorance won’t be a workable excuse much longer.

My Newswithviews Column, May 27 (‘It’s Pushback Time’)

Nothing has served America so badly as our public education system. It’s very difficult to imagine it being any worse. But give leftids time, they’ll think of something.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are finally getting clued in about the schools’ “Critical Race Theory” curriculum–and they don’t like it.

It’s Pushback Time

It’s too bad that it had to take something as awful as a stolen election and the rampant racism of BLM and CRT to shock us out of Rip Van Winkle land–but better late than never.

We pray it’s not too late.

Now What?

The cat tree is in full bloom now! | Bad cats, Cute cats, Funny cute cats

Oy, am I busy! I’ve written three more pages of my new book (no title yet!), half a dozen blog posts, and I still have to write my Newswithviews column. What to write about, I don’t know yet–but I’d better decide sometime in the next ten minutes or I’ll never get it done on time.

Should I write about pushback? Because we’re starting to see some, and it looks like it could blossom into something big and beautiful and grand. Maybe we actually needed something as awful as a bad election and Critical Race Theory to wake us up.

But have we wakened up in time?

It’s in God’s hands. Work hard to do whatever we can do, and pray even harder.

Parents Who Want Their Schools Back

Parents in Scottsdale, AZ, held their own public meeting last night after their Scottsdale Unified District School Board members held a “virtual meeting” online to avoid them (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/school-parents-hold-mass-rally-scottsdale-arizona-announce-coalition-recruit-train-mobilize-parent-activists-school-board-hides-video/).

Do you see a pattern here? On May 18 the board walked out of its own public meeting to avoid having to answer questions from the public. On May 24 their public meeting was closed to the public by being online.

Remember when public schools used to be owned by the communities they served? Now the community has no say in what is taught, who teaches, who runs the district, etc. Their only role is to pay. And pay. And pay.

The chief bones of contention between the public and the board seem to be continuing the requirement that kids wear masks all day in school (Because COVID), and the schools’ penchant for teaching “critical race theory”–which teaches children to hate each other, themselves, and their country.

The people who are made to pay for this shit don’t want it anymore.

The plan in Scottsdale is to elect all new board members in 2022, who will listen to the people and be responsible to them, rather than just bossing them around and making fun of them.

Well, OK–but the real problem is that the community doesn’t own the schools anymore. Federal bureaucrats, state bureaucrats, and teachers’ unions own them. And they do not care what parents think. Shut up and pay.

This is what has to be fixed. And until it is, there’s Christian schooling and homeschooling.

Really–what’s anyone’s excuse for sending their child to public school to learn critical race theory?

We will not accept “But it’s free!”

Salute Idaho! They’re Defunding Far Left Universities

PHOTOS AND UPDATES: Students riot on Beaver Avenue after Penn State wins Big Ten title | University Park Campus News | collegian.psu.edu

Why in the world do we keep paying for this?

If publicly-funded universities in Idaho want to keep “teaching social justice” and clobbering dissent, they’ll have to do it without any money from the state.

The Idaho legislature–three cheers!–voted to cut an additional $2.5 million in state funds from the University of Idaho and Boise State (https://www.thecollegefix.com/reclaiming-american-higher-education-idaho-is-cutting-off-social-justice-universities/). They also passed a law against “compelling students” to express allegiance to “Critical Race Theory.” The idea is to wipe out “state sanctioned racism and sexism.”

Now, a place like Harvard wouldn’t even notice the loss of $2.5 million. Their annual budget is literally 20 thousand times bigger than that. But it just might make a dent in Boise State.

Probably the universities in Idaho will continue to preach and practice tyranny while trying to scrounge funds from other sources. But the solution to that problem is simple:

Just keep cutting their budgets till they stop.

Sooner or later you get them to a point where they either have to stop the fascism or go out of business. Let’s shoot for sooner.

Closed Schools: A Blessing in Disguise

What its like being a teacher on camp! – TECS Employment

Before we complain too energetically about so many of our public schools still being closed Because COVID, here are a few things to consider.

Every day the schools are closed is one day less that Far Left unionized teachers can poison children’s minds with “critical race theory.”

Closed schools mean children cannot be taught that America is an evil racist country that was only founded to promote slavery.

Every day the schools are closed is another day that can’t be devoted to indoctrination into transgender hogwash.

Closed schools mean children have to be socialized by their families instead of by their age-group peers and toxic “friends.”

Every day the public schools are closed is another inducement to families to abandon those schools and opt for Christian schools or homeschooling.

These are not trivial benefits. They will greatly benefit our country. If we could shut down the colleges and universities, too, leftism in America would up and die.

Think about it.