Yay! Back to School! (???)

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They play a commercial on the PA system at our Stop & Shop, advertising their cornucopia of “back to school” products. The ad features a host of children cheering maniacally because they’re so tickled pink to be going back to school. We have just entered the Twilight Zone.

Back to school, yay! Critical Race Theory, yay! I hate you and you hate me because everything, everything, everything is the color of your skin!

Worshiping Aztec gods, yay! Transgender ’round the clock, yay! Socialism! Globalism! Red for Ed! Yay, hooray, huzzah!

Gotta mash up their brains and get ’em ready for college. Democrat Party can always use more useful idiots.

But cheering because they’re going back to school… I think that might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

James Madison U. ‘Pauses’ Critical Race Theory Training

They call it “a college education.”

You’d almost think we were living in a science fiction movie, in which alien invaders take over our education system (if that’s what you want to call it), dividing students into Good Guys and Bad Guys on the basis of their skin color and demanding that they remake the United States into a hell-hole of racial animosity.

But that’s just what they tried to do at James Madison University, Virginia.

And now they’re “pausing” it because somebody leaked a training video and the public hit the ceiling over it, and hard questions are being asked in the state legislature (https://www.thecollegefix.com/james-madison-u-announces-pause-on-staff-training-that-labels-christian-males-oppressors/).

The leaked video showed charts which divided students into “Privileged” and “Oppressed” categories, based mostly on race. Oh–and all white males are “oppressors.”

Students were being forced to watch this drivel. Now it’s “paused”… because the school got caught.

Why do we allow this? Families pay a fortune for their children’s college education–and this is what they get? Hypocritical race theory! Shoved down their throats by the biggest racists in the world.

Public education, Hollywood, our Free & Independent Nooze Media, Big Tech–these America-hating mutants have taken over all our institutions.

It has to stop. They’re wrecking our country and it has to stop.

Meanwhile, James Madison is spinning in his grave. But don’t worry, Mr. President. Eventually they’ll decide you were a racist, your Constitution sucks, and they’ll rename the school after Fidel Castro.

We Moastly Cant Tawk No Moar!!

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Wel Allixanter “the” Grate he has come And gawn allreddy and meenwile “we” has a CO-Vid eemerjintsy hear “at” Collidge!!!!!!!

We has just got a No Tawking Man-Date layed “on us” by the guvverner of New Zeelind!! We “are” Not aloud to Tawk!!!!!! So we hadded a Merjintsy meating “of The” Stoodint Soviet,, althoh it reely Is harrd to has a meating wen yiu Cannot Tawk!!!!

We past a Mendmint to the Man-Date that letts us Tawk as lawng as “we Are” tawking Anty-Racist Socile Jutstus Tawk!!!! We jist has to Re-memmber to say stuph evry Tymb we whant “to Say” anny thing!!!!!

Frintstints, iff yiu Go “To The Kaffaterier” for a bole Of Play-Doh,, yiu Has gots to Say it lyke, “”Daown whith Wyte Soupramesses can i has somb Play-Doh”?” And thay whil say “”Thatll be two dollers Peeple Of Collor thay shood get Free Munny!!!!”  Or say yiu “are” axing for a date–whel, wayt, nevver mined, thare isnt No “dayting” aloud no moar unlest It “is” Trans-Ginder dayting!!!!

Aslo fromb nhow On we has awl gots to has Cryptical Race Theery Traning With Climbit Chains to maik shure Our mineds “are” Rihght!!!

Guess Who’s Producing ‘Critical Race Theory’ Video!

IPAC ready to confront and contain harm to mankind caused by Communist Party of China - The Sunday Guardian Live

We’re doing this because we love you, America!

You’d think a country that actually has concentration camps for its racial minorities, and round-the-clock surveillance for everybody else, would be embarrassed to call another country “racist.”

But if you thought that, you’d be wrong.

The Chinese Global Television Network, owned by the Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Dept.–hey, at least they’re honest about having a propaganda department: we call ours “the mainstream news”–has created Critical Race Theory video for broadcast on America’s airwaves (https://thefederalist.com/2021/08/18/communist-china-adds-video-promoting-critical-race-theory-to-propaganda-lineup/).

Hypocritical Race Theory–let’s call it what it is–teaches that all white people are evil racists, America is an evil racist country that deserves taking down, etc., etc. Meanwhile China’s Muslim Uighurs languish in concentration camps until they’re murdered so their organs can be harvested and sold to rich people who don’t care where they came from.

The video teaches that it’s not enough just to be “not racist,” ’cause that just supports the status quo; you have to be “anti-racist.” That is, you have to admit that you, your family, your country, your church are all no-good stinkin’ racists and need to be punished for it. Liberals actually believe this.

Now, why would communist China want to get involved in America’s struggles with Hypocritical Race Theory? Why would Red China want to spread that theory?

If you answered “Because they love us and want to help,” you are a kook.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t–Again

Virginia school accused of indoctrinating kids with 'Woke Kindergarten' video

Does your local school district need a “Woke Kindergarten” video that features a child saying, “I feel save when there are no police”? (https://www.themix.net/2021/08/virginia-elementary-schools-woke-kindergarten-video-infers-children-should-fear-cops/)

“Educators” keep letting these things slip into the open. Then when the public gets upset, they delete them from their websites.

An elementary school in Fairfax County, Virginia, got into hot water recently for posting “Woke Kindergarten” in its website–along with Hypocritical Race Theory “teaching,” Black Lives Matter propaganda, and “news articles critical of white parents.”

Oh, well! “School officials” said the posting was “by mistake”–ya think?–and was deleted as soon as they realized it was there.

If you want your kids schooled by these racist crackpots, there’s something very wrong with you.

Public education has far outlived its usefulness and needs to be abolished.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 5 (‘Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop’)

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We–and I don’t mean just America, but the whole wide world of Western civilization–are doing stupid stuff that has to stop before it kills us. We have to stop doing it. We have to stop letting it be done to us.

Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop

Who, besides the Democrat Party, would benefit from heightened racial animosity, ruptured borders, transgender tommyrot, and one damned lockdown after another? Who would ever want to live this way?

They’d eat us if they didn’t enjoy bullying us so much.

Stupid Stuff That’ll Kill Us

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We as a nation are doing stupid stuff that’ll kill us if we don’t stop.

*Purposely stirring up racial hatred, fear, and animosity, teaching Hypocritical Race Theory in our public schools–for no reason at all, except to help Democrats wield their politics against us.

*The whole transgender thing.

*Refusing to protect our southern border.

*Panicking, shutting down the national economy, suspending our rights, and going absolutely bat-schiff whenever a new germ crops up.

*Training our armed forces to look on their fellow Americans as the enemy.

Why are we doing those things? What benefit could they possibly have for us? Instead of a republic, we seem to be trying to create a rule of the incontinent over the incompetent. It’ll turn out to be like Hell.

If we don’t stop doing these things, we’re done for.

[Note: I’m thinking of expanding this into a Newswithviews column; so reader comments and feedback will be very much appreciated. Unless it comes from leftids.]

‘You White People–!’

A demonstration drew people to protest Critical Race Theory in schools.

They still think they can force this down our throats.

I received a comment yesterday that went straight into the trash bucket.

This person–I am assuming he really is a person–was there to defend Critical Race Theory. He defended it by saying a lot of things that included the phrase, “You white people.” ‘Cause we’re all alike, ya see–all born bad, according to Hypocritical Race Theory. (Y’know, I think I’ll call it that from now on.)

What if I went around saying “You black people”?

I don’t reply to such persons because I don’t trust myself not to lose my temper and say something which I’ll regret later. I have come to understand that Democrats and other Far Left villains want us to hate and fear each other according to race. They want us at each other’s throats. And I don’t want to give them what they want.

CRT is a war against America. The good news is that virtually everybody really hates it a lot. It may be the only thing that you can get most Americans to agree on.

So we should be able to win this war–if we have the stomach to fight it.

Pushback Continues–We May Be Winning

Critical race theory is a convenient target for conservatives.

The people don’t like it!

The Biden, uh, “administration” has backed down on a scheme to “incentivize” Critical Race Theory by doling out federal funds to school districts that teach it (https://christopherrufo.com/biden-backs-down/).

When the plan was announced, more than 35,000 comments poured in, most of them vigorously negative. But that’s only because everybody but racist liberals and teachers’ unions really hates CRT.

So for the time being the Dept. of Education has removed it from its website. If we could remove the Dept. of Education itself, that would do us a world of good.

CRT “teaches” that all white people are racists and need to be punished for it. It teaches children to view everything–especially all human relations–through the lens of race: white bad, non-white good. It teaches them to hate and fear each other, and white kids are taught to hate themselves, based on the color of their skins.

Nine states have already banned CRT outright, and more will surely follow.

This is a battle that the American people must win if they are to keep their country.

Pray our constitutional republic, and our whole way of life, survives this poisonous insanity.

Thinking About the Nooze

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I scan the nooze every day and practically wind up pounding my head against the wall, asking myself, again and again, “Why are they doing all this crazy schiff? What good does any of this do anybody? Are they all insane?”

What crazy stupid stuff? Oh, let’s just name a few… Critical Race Theory. Open borders. Vaccine goon squads going door to door. Transgender. Defund the police. Let all the armed robbers out of jail and put people in for using the wrong pronouns.

Stuff that leftids dance around the Maypole for–but which, in reality, have to the potential to kill any country that puts these follies into practice. Kill it dead.

It only makes sense if you grant that leftids purposely want and intend to wreck the country: to kill America. Then it makes sense. They’re doing it on purpose. This is war, and they do not intend for their opponents to survive it.

That would be us, boys and girls.

I don’t think we need to posit a Vast Conspiracy involving millions of individuals, not one of whom has ever spilled the beans. In a fallen world subject to Original Sin, there is not much that ordinary human evil, stupidity, delusion, and fecklessness can fail to achieve.

I’m starting not to care why they’re doing it.

I only want them stopped. Forever.