DeSantis Wins a Big One–For Us

Florida Gov. DeSantis battles what he sees as indoctrination in public  schools. : NPR

He knows how to beat the super-villains!

See, this is why we need Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis where he is. He’s accomplishing things in Florida, winning key victories against the Far Left, which other governors in other states can emulate.

His latest: going head-to-head against “education” behemoth College Board, DeSantis has forced them to delete almost all “Critical Race Theory” horse**** from its Advanced Placement African-American Studies curriculum ( Big chunks of Far Left crapola have been removed from the tests and the curriculum.

They’ve even deleted the section on Queer Black Studies!

Yes, the teachers’ unions will “teach” all that garbage anyway; but they’ll be under the gun for test scores. The kids still have to pass the tests to get into college… and of course Everybody Goes To College! If too many kids can’t pass, their school district will lose aid money… and maybe, hopefully, some of those weirdo teachers will lose their jobs.

Is this enough? Of course not. As long as children are put in classrooms with unionized “teachers,” the students are at risk. Any definition of “enough” would have to entail a total dismantling of “public education” and a restoration of the community’s authority over its schools. And that mostly means parental authority. Let the unions go pound salt.

As for Gov. DeSantis–keep it up, man, keep it up! We need more like you!

We Need to Empty the Classrooms

Teacher empty classroom hi-res stock photography and images ...

Let’s face it, the Far Left teachers’ unions and Far Left teachers’ colleges aren’t going to change their tune. Leaving our children in their hands, five days a week, is cultural suicide. I think it comes down to this: either they go, or the public schools go.

To this end, I propose (doesn’t that sound grand!) a nationwide Public Education Walk-Out–ten million kids, and more if we can get them, to be kept home from school for one day to demonstrate America’s total rejection of what has been done to our education system.

If you like race-baiting, dirty books in the school library, “teachers” bragging to first-graders about their aberrant lifestyles, and that big, big push for Transgender–well, then, just keep on sending ’em to public schools. But if you don’t like what they’re selling, please stop buying it!

We have to show them we mean business, and a massive walk-out is a good start. We have to convince our, ahem, “educators” that if they keep on serving up their garbage, they’re going to have to serve it to an empty classroom.

If they win, we lose.

And we can’t afford to lose.

‘Our Leaders Are Insane’ (2016)

Lutheran Republicans pretending to be Islamic terrorists prepare to murder another batch of victims.

Back in 2016, Democrats were all saying there was no such thing as “Islamic terrorism,” never mind the massacres.

Now they say all tens of millions of us who voted for Donald Trump–well, we are now “domestic terrorists.” The Democrat “president” says so!

Our Leaders Are Insane

This is the crew that has the FBI spy on parents at local school board meetings. They still deny there’s any such thing as Islamic terrorism… but parents who don’t like their children being force-fed Critical Race Theory and transgender propaganda in the public schools that they flaming well pay for…Oooh! Now that’s terrorism!

We are governed by idiots who hate us.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 13 (‘Stirring Up Racial Strife’)

1,294 Angry Teacher Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

You’d think we wouldn’t tolerate people who purposely stir up strife, who want us at each other’s throats. But we do… We do.

Stirring Up Racial Strife

No one does more harm to America than our teachers’ unions. And yet we don’t remove our kids from union-dominated schools. We really hate Critical Race Theory, we demand they stop “teaching” it… and all they do is change the label, and all we do is let them get away with it.

If it’s left up to the teachers’ unions, America is finished.

They’re Still Teaching ‘Critical Race Theory’

No, we don’t like it!

The Maryland State Education Assn. (MSEA), a state teachers’ union that’s part of the National Education Assn. and has 75,000 members, has offered grants of $1,000 each to teachers who continue to teach “Critical Race Theory”–the doctrine that all white people are born racists and all non-whites born victims (

But because almost everybody in America detests CRT, they’re giving it new names. “Restorative justice” heads the list. And then there’s the Biden administration’s $468 million “community schools” program, chock-full of euphemisms for Far Left race-baiting.

Many teachers have left the union rather than engage in campaigns to foment racial animosity; and parents have staged protests, too, despite the Biden Justice Dept. branding them “domestic terrorists” and ordering the FBI to spy on local school board meetings.

Teachers’ unions are solidly locked in to CRT and rather than give it up, they simply invent new names for it. Obviously they think the American people are way too stupid to see through that.

They’re not going to stop. They’re not going to change. And so we are forced to say again: the only meaningful way to oppose this is for parents to remove their children from the public schools and wrest them out of the hands of the teachers’ unions. There is no reason to believe that anything else will work.

We won’t be able to save our country if we don’t do this.

Kids Need Rescue–from Public Schools

Exodus Mandate - Home | Facebook

Exodus Mandate has been a leading critic of Common Core and other “educational” malpractice.

You don’t have to have children or grandchildren in school to be distressed by what the public schools are doing. Racial paranoia, racial strife, transgender propaganda, grooming kids for sex–the news makes your flesh crawl… but what can you do?

There are many things that can be done, and here’s one of them.

Contribute to the Exodus Mandate ( Or contact them to see if there’s a Christian school project in your area that could use your help.

Exodus is celebrating its 25th year in ministry. They’re currently helping the Illinois Family Institute and Public School Exit start up Christian schools across the state of Illinois. Exodus Mandate lends a hand to such projects throughout the country.

Actually, there really is a nationwide movement to get kids out of the teachers’ unions’ Far Left Crazy public schools–“Broken beyond repair,” as Exodus Mandate says. But that’s no exaggeration, and Exodus does important work liaising with and encouraging local grassroots efforts.

Exodus President E. Ray Moore had been working very hard, making the rounds of Christian media, fielding phone calls and emails from all over the country. I’ve interviewed him several times, over the years. This man doesn’t give up easily.

For more information, phone the Exodus Mandate at 803-714-1744. You might find out there’s a Christian school project in your own neighborhood–and maybe you can help.

One thing I’m sure of:

Put an end to public schooling, and the Far Left dies.

Florida Boots Far-Left Math Textbooks

Why Some People Think 2+2=5 | Controversial Math Problem

(Now watch: some leftid sophist will come along and “prove” that 2 + 2 really does make 5.)

Florida has rejected 41% of its new K-12 math textbooks because the books are full of Critical Race Theory and other Far Left Crazy shibboleths ( That’s 54 of 132 new math books rejected because they’re full of really stupid politics.

(“Jamaal has 14 potatoes. A white privilege Karen comes in and gets racist cops to take away 14 of Jamaal’s potatoes. How many does he have left?”)

Gov. Ron DeSantis says math is about getting the right answer. But “educators” want to know, “How do you feel about the math problem?” (Oops! Felt the wrong way! Twelve more sensitivity training sessions for you!)

Florida is also trying root out “Social Emotional Learning (SEL),” which is just the same old Far Left horse-s*** under a new name.

Why do we let our children be “educated” by people who hate us?

C’mon, people! Let’s have some answers.


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Nooze Is Getting to Me

Old typewriter covered with cobwebs Stock Photo - Alamy

Cobwebs on the typewriter… *sigh

Sheesh. I’ve got a book to write, and I can’t get to it because of all the stupid nooze I have to cover. I can’t just skip it because an awful lot of very bad people are working maniacally to bring our country down. And maybe wiping out our species, by and by.

So I’ll just mention this. Just in case you thought your kids were safe in school because you live in a red state.

The Springfield, Missouri, school district, already being sued for its “antiracist” teachings (euphemism for Critical Race Theory, “all white people are evil racists”), is now in hot water with parents for pushing transgender propaganda at the kiddies ( To cite just one example: they’re now “teaching” children that not using “preferred pronouns” is… “violence”!

Words don’t mean much anymore, do they?

I’m blue in the face from saying this, but I’ll say it again: our public schools are spiritually and intellectually toxic, corrupt beyond repair, and the only meaningful response is to pull our children out of there and get into homeschooling. Let the Far Left teachers’ unions “teach” to empty classrooms until the whole shebang collapses.

We can’t save our country if we won’t do this.

Columbus Teachers Strike (Mo’ Money!)

Columbus Prepares for What Could Be First Teachers' Strike ...

School’s just about to start, and the Columbus, Ohio, teachers are on strike ( The union, Columbus Education [sic] Assn., has rejected the school board’s latest offer.

They want smaller class sizes (more teachers = more money), a cap on the number of class periods during the day (less work), air conditioning (already promised by the board), and more specialized teachers (more money) for art, music, etc.

And it’s all for the kiddies, of course! As one union spokesbiped said, “Not striking hurts the children…” Honk if you believe that for one nanosecond.

No one seems to be mentioning the curriculum. Is it the same ol’ mix of racial paranoia, Critical Race Theory, transgender, and “gay studies”?

My wife has it figured out. “Happy teachers are good teachers, and more money makes the teachers happy. Presto! Education happens!”

Let’s see how many parents finally wake up and opt for homeschooling. Let the union “teach” to empty classrooms.