So Make with the Comments, Already!


If you want to win one of these dazzling red T-shirts, you’ve got to be in the comment contest! The legend on the shirt says, “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost. –Lee Duigon” It’s in MAGA colors, no less–and I promise it’s not blurry in real life like it is in the picture.

Just now we have some 71,500 comments. I’m thinking for a prize this noble, we ought to set the goal at 75,000.

One of life’s lessons that I’ve finally learned: in any club, organization, any activity involving a number of people, 10% of the members do 90% of whatever gets done. It’s human nature. Heck, if everybody who reads or follows this blog were to comment, we’d hit 75,000 in just a few days. So I realize only a few of you will comment. Chess club, softball team, political campaign–that’s just how it is.

More importantly, though, a lot of you have shrewd, witty, interesting, informative things to say, and it profits us to read you. The more, the merrier!

10 comments on “So Make with the Comments, Already!

  1. We had a great day in church and Bible study, and there are so many new attendees, most are very talented, and eager to serve. Today a new couple stepped in and provided the music and singing to replace the man who usually leads, and who was unable to be there. We sang some of the songs that are often posted here. After church, a grandson from the city paid us a visit, so that occupied my afternoon. They brought me a birthday gift a few days early, and it is beautiful. So, it has been a great day, but I am rather
    worn out now, after preparing dinner, etc.

  2. “they” have already lost and “they” know it. Hence the huge push to crush us. God is in control and we just have to keep praying and stand on His promises. and stand and stand and…………….

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