Kittens & Curtains

That guinea pig video was a bit short, so here are some kittens to go with it.

Of all the cats we’ve had, only Buster had a yen to climb curtains. That became more problematic as he grew bigger and bigger. My iguana gave up curtains after he grew too big to climb without ripping them. No such consideration ever crossed Buster’s mind–he was a very happy-go-lucky cat.

6 comments on “Kittens & Curtains

  1. Very familiar happening around our house when we still had a cat. He just couldn’t keep his claws out of those curtains. He didn’t care if they were rough cloth or delicate lace; they were his playground.

    1. Dear Ann Landers: My cat, Robbie, has developed an unnatural fear of shoelaces and pipe cleaners. What should I do? (signed) Worried

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