A Guinea Pig Train?

Well, that’s what they’re calling it–a guinea pig train. It looks like they’ve been trained to do this as a prelude to dinnertime. I’ve never had a guinea pig, but I always got the impression they could learn a lot of tricks. And there’s something very appealing about them, don’t you think?

4 comments on “A Guinea Pig Train?

  1. That is really cute. 🙂 My youngest daughter got 2 guinea pigs for Christmas, and we LOVE them. They are so much fun, and quite social. They are very young still, and excitable. They “popcorn” over anything. Maybe she can teach them tricks in time. I’d be terrified to take them outside, though. We have too many hawks circling around. Only thing about guinea pigs is they never seem to stop eating or pooping. I’ve never seen an animal poop so much! They are seriously high maintenance if you want to keep their habitat clean. We use washable fleece in their cage, or we’d be dropping a small fortune in substrate.

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