Idaho May Ban “Teaching Racism” in Schools

House Education Committee votes to repeal English, math and science  standards - East Idaho News

Idaho’s House Education Committee has proposed a bill to ban “racist filth” from being taught in the state’s public schools ( Schools that teach it anyway would, for starters, lose 10% of their state funding.

What do they mean by “teaching racism”? Among other things, the proposed law would ban the teaching of the following:

*Your own race can make you “unconsciously racist”

*You are responsible, personally, for bad things done by other people in the past

*”Merit-based systems” are inherently racist/sexist/blah-blah

*The whole state of Idaho is racist.

I think that would qualify as “racist filth,” don’t you?

Democrats don’t, though. All the Democrats on the committee walked out to protest the discussion. They, of course, want the schools to teach such things.

Many things have to happen before this proposal is enacted into law; but you’ve got to start somewhere, and here’s as good a place as any. Idaho, we salute you.

Our public schools are used by Far Left teacher unions and “education” theorists to indoctrinate children into hating themselves and hating their country. The Democrat Party is solidly committed to this enterprise. Those campaign contributions by the teacher unions are the chief cause of this.

We believe public education is too far gone to be reformed and that the whole system ought to be scrapped. Children are better off in Christian schools or in homeschooling.

Go ahead–try to convince us that teaching self-hate and anti-Americanism is something we ought to be doing with our school tax dollars.


7 comments on “Idaho May Ban “Teaching Racism” in Schools

  1. It is true, Idaho is far less to succumb to the brainwashing that Wa. Or. or Cal. Many of the people from those states are beginning to come here, and people here do not like it much. They say these people will only re-create their former environments in here, and they hate that.

    1. That’s happening all over the country. I never saw the point of getting fed up with one place, moving to another–but carrying with you all the stuff that made you fed up with the first place. Why do people do that?

      Good thing they didn’t come over from England wanting to set up a king and all that.

    1. In fact, nothing could be MORE racist than today’s Democrat race-hustling.
      How come it was totally utterly wrong when South Africa did it, but super-okay-right when it’s done in America?

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