Rushdoony on ‘Peace Lovers’ Who Riot

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '"Men who are professed 'peace lovers' are increasingly also bombers and rioters. Men who claim to believe in a religion of love are most likely to spout hatred. Good words are used as a cover for evil ends." ~R.J. Rushdoony CHALCEDON.EDU EQUIPPING TO GOD'S Û KINGDOM'

I don’t know when R.J. Rushdoony said this, but he’s right on target now, over 20 years after his death.

No one hates as viciously, as passionately, as single-mindedly as leftids pouring out their vitriol on “haters.” It’s happening as we speak–some of those pro-abortion demon-strators act like they’re possessed.

But we’re “the haters” and they’re not.

Tell us another one.

‘More College Crapola’ (2017)

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Shuffling through the archives, I find I have several posts with the headline above, “More College Crapola.” It seems our colleges and universities do a spectacular job of generating crapola.

More College Crapola

In this instance, the pinheads at San Diego State dreamed up a new way to “teach” students to hate and fear America. Like all those millions of people come here illegally because they want to be Oppressed!

What in the world are we supposed to gain from an, er, “education” system that spends morning, noon, and night preaching that our country is the worst thing that ever happened in the world?

And why in the world should we have to pay them to do it?

National Archives Glues ‘Harmful Content’ Warning to U.S. Constitution

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We’re supposed to have a representative government; but the government we have today doesn’t represent us anymore. In fact, it doesn’t even like us very much.

Example: the National Archives has flagged the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the rest of our founding documents for “harmful language” (

According to this particular attachment of the government that doesn’t represent us, our country’s founding documents are “outdated, biased, offensive, and [include] possibly violent views and opinions.” (Yeah–especially if your name is King George III.)

The language of our country’s founding, say the loup-garous at the Archives, is chock-full of “racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir [What the hell is that?], and xenophobic opinions and attitudes” which of course must not be allowed, even among the dead.

Well, the doops at the Archives say they’re “committed to diversity and equity” [undefined term: probably something bad], and that’s why they have to warn Americans off getting too attached to America.

When this abomination came to light, and the taxpayers who fund the Archives complained, the weasel-out excuse was, “This alert is not connected to any specific records, but appears at the top of the page while you are using the online Catalogue.”

You might interpret that to mean, “Everything about America sucks!”

Our entire government–especially those vast regions of it not filled by election, but appointment–is infested with Far Left termites who are trying to overthrow the house. It needs a thorough clearing-out. Not even our history is safe from them.

Our Ruling Class Despises Us

Trauma Healing: Heads of Hydra - Catherine Hale

Okay! You’ve got a collaborative effort by Big Government and Big Media, on the subject of “potential terror threats” ( Big Government and Big Media are two heads of the hydra that we know as America’s ruling class. What do you suppose those two heads came up with?

Not to keep you in suspense, here are the big-time “potential terror threats” according to the Biden Dept. of Homeland Security and CBS Nooze.

*”opposition to COVID measures” (gasp! I’m terrified already!)

*”claims of election fraud” (Ya think?)

*”belief that Donald Trump can be reinstated” (a belief we are evidently not allowed to have)

*And–get this!–“9/11 anniversary and religious holidays.

Ooh! Celebrating Christmas! Quick, get the FBI on the phone!

How did we ever wind up getting lorded over by this crowd? Is “terrorist” going to devolve, as “racist” has, into just another meaningless label to slap onto anyone who disagrees with you in any way? Just thrown around like confetti–with government and noozies going for the blood of anyone a piece of that confetti sticks to.

Where can we get a whole new ruling class? Or should we try to get by without one?

California OKs ‘Ethnic Studies Curriculum’

No, the Capitol riots are not like the BLM protests, say activists

What do you do for extra credit–riot?

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this because it depresses me. But the nooze is the nooze.

First, though, get a load of this lead by the Associated Press: “As America reels from its latest spate of deadly hate crimes and racism…” ( As a former newspaper editor and reporter, who worked hard and tried to do the job as best he could, I can hardly find words for how much this Peking Review/Pravda/Daily Worker-style of pseudo-journalism upsets me. The AP also reminds its defenseless readers that “education is an essential strategy for combating hate.”

Anybody got a barf bag?

So the State Bored of Education voted 11-0 to ring in this curriculum, mostly warmed-over BLM hogwash, some 900 pages of it. It’s for all grades, K-12, and focuses on all the evil racist things America has done to certain minorities. By the time they’ve finished 12 grades of this, those kids are really going to hate America.

Your tax dollars, people! Your money! You pay for this, but you don’t own it! How fair is that?

And why, oh, why does anybody send their children to these propaganda mills?

I’m coming to believe that that’s a sin.

Idaho May Ban “Teaching Racism” in Schools

House Education Committee votes to repeal English, math and science  standards - East Idaho News

Idaho’s House Education Committee has proposed a bill to ban “racist filth” from being taught in the state’s public schools ( Schools that teach it anyway would, for starters, lose 10% of their state funding.

What do they mean by “teaching racism”? Among other things, the proposed law would ban the teaching of the following:

*Your own race can make you “unconsciously racist”

*You are responsible, personally, for bad things done by other people in the past

*”Merit-based systems” are inherently racist/sexist/blah-blah

*The whole state of Idaho is racist.

I think that would qualify as “racist filth,” don’t you?

Democrats don’t, though. All the Democrats on the committee walked out to protest the discussion. They, of course, want the schools to teach such things.

Many things have to happen before this proposal is enacted into law; but you’ve got to start somewhere, and here’s as good a place as any. Idaho, we salute you.

Our public schools are used by Far Left teacher unions and “education” theorists to indoctrinate children into hating themselves and hating their country. The Democrat Party is solidly committed to this enterprise. Those campaign contributions by the teacher unions are the chief cause of this.

We believe public education is too far gone to be reformed and that the whole system ought to be scrapped. Children are better off in Christian schools or in homeschooling.

Go ahead–try to convince us that teaching self-hate and anti-Americanism is something we ought to be doing with our school tax dollars.


Buffalo Public Schools: ‘Failure Factory’

Teacher shouting at kids Stock Photo - Alamy

Ready for another belt of bad news? Sorry, but we have to know what we’re up against.

The city of Buffalo’s public schools have gone full-throttle on an America-hating, race-hustling curriculum–at all grade levels–which Christopher Rufo has called, in his report, a “Failure Factory” (

Paid for by the undefended public!

You name the abuse, and they’ve got it–all orchestrated by a “diversity czar.” It’s based on an overarching condemnation of all “white people”–whom, the kids are told, “all play a part in perpetuating systemic racism.” They want to start on this when the kids are four years old.

Teacher training, as described by a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous: “A series of scoldings, guilt trips, and demands to demean themselves.” And that’s just the good part.

Meanwhile, only 18% of the students here are proficient in math and only 20% in English. But that doesn’t matter because everything is the fault of evil racist white people and their no-good racist country, the United States.

And this will turn out well for us… how?

Our public education system, the costliest ever devised by human beings, is too far gone to be repaired. It must be abandoned. It must be replaced. How can I even find the words for how important this is? We have entrusted our children’s education to people who hate us and want to ruin our country. Why in the world should we keep doing that?

Once upon a time the people who paid for the schools owned them, and decided who should teach and what should be taught. For the sake of our country’s very survival, we have to return to such a time.

If the things these unionized “teachers” say to white children were ever said to black children, the government would come down on them like a hammer. Because it would be racism! Why in the world do we allow this?

At the moment, with our whole government in the hands of Democrats, absolutely the only thing we can do is to pull our children out of those schools and pray the system will die from lack of nourishment. Homeschool the children, or put them in a Christian school. Parents can also get together to form homeschooling co-ops.

What we have now will prove deadly to us as a nation.