They’ve Done It To Me Again!

Angry Quokka 4" Poster by johngill | Redbubble

G’day! Byron the Quokka here: Lee is too cheesed off to write about this.

Overnight, WordPress changed the blog editing format so that now we can’t see exactly how many comments we have at any given time. That makes it really hard to run a comment contest! (And just after we ordered all those shirts, too! Grrrrr!)

Our only hope is that our tech wiz, Jill, can straighten this out. There’s this big fat long link we can use, and if she can paste it to a tool bar someplace where I can get at it, all will be well.

So keep commenting! We have quite a ways to go to hit 75,000, and we should have time enough to solve this stupid problem. You want to win a shirt, don’t you? Or a book.

I cannot imagine why WordPress keeps throwing unwanted changes at its users. Anyone would think they were trying to chase us away!

This would never happen if quokkas were running it.

11 comments on “They’ve Done It To Me Again!

  1. Oooh, what an angry quokka! Here’s hoping Jill can straighten things out quickly.

    I may not be around much myself for the rest of the day and maybe the morning. We’ve been given a high-winds warning, and I’ll probably power down my system for the duration in case of power surges and/or outages.

  2. Oh, fap. Always something. It seems that nothing is running the way it is supposed to. Hope your wind is not as strong as some have been in this part of the country; tearing down large trees and all sorts of things.

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