The Peaceable Kingdom (Well, Mostly)

As someone who’s seen neighborhood cats catch and eat all kinds of birds, including pigeons, I have to wonder about the dove in this video. Does he have a death wish? How does he know this cat–who only wants to take a nap–won’t eat him? Even when he finally pushes the cat too far, the cat lets him go unharmed.

I think the Lord is trying to tell us something.

3 comments on “The Peaceable Kingdom (Well, Mostly)

    1. I believe that to be the case, as well, Erlene. For several years now, I’ve noticed that there are amazing animal stories coming to light. With my own pets, I’ve seen an increased level of companionship which makes me think that our pets were meant to be very important, in God’s original plan.

      There’s a lot going on, these days. The political world is in tumult and the state of our world is all but beyond anything we could have imagined, just over a year ago. If these matters, all happening simultaneously, are not the signs of Matthew 24, I’d be shocked. Our deliverance is coming near.

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