Whare Is Jimb Crow???

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Sumbtimes a Collidge eddicasion it jist “blohs” yore Mynd!!!! and yiu think “”Haow come i nevver” “knowed this befour”??”

Yeasterday in Nothing Studdies we “lernt” awl aboat this heer Jimb Crow guy whoo “Is” aginst Pressadint Bydin and tryying “to” tern Amarica Intwo a Capptallist Countrie whith Chrischins in “it”!!!!!!!! It terns owt that “he” Has “been” dooing This foar Menny Yeers!!!

I immeedjitlee Ask’ed “Whell then haow Come” “he isnt been A-restid and putt in Jale???”?” I meen, man, yiu Caint Do Things Lyke That!!!!!!!!

The prefesser she ansurred “Its becose No Boddy knoaws whare he “is”!! And aslo too he is disguyzed As “a” Crow and yiu has sceen crows,, haow Can yiu possablie Tel one fromb Anether??”?”

Impotent poynt:: Thare “is” eevin Evvadints that Jimb Crow and Donold Trumpt thay “Are” “the” saim Purson!!!!! Whel that wood axplane a Lot “of” things!!

And then comming Back fromb “the” lexture i sceen a hole Buntch of Crows thay wher rihght thare on Our Kampis and thare Whasnt one of themb Waring A Faice Mask!!!!! Oh the Horrar of It!!!!!!!! Then I knowtised nun of The Pidgins was Waring Masks Neether!!!!!!!! Waht cood i doo butt Run Awaiy?? it whas Tearrafying!!!!!! i gess the Crows has teached the Pidgins to be Anty-Scyince!!!!

We has got to doo sumb-thing to keeep “all” themb Burds offf “our” Kampis!!!!!


11 comments on “Whare Is Jimb Crow???

  1. Sounds like a great plot for a suspense thriller. You could have people just going about their business and then all these birds start flocking. You wouldn’t see much in the way of attacks, but that would make it even scarier.

  2. Oh Lee, your sarcasm at its best!! So funny! Everyone agrees that Joe Biden will be a one term President because it is so obvious he is not up to the job because of the affects of old age. It seems more likely fake president Biden may be a one year President because of his obvious increasing dementia.

    1. I’m not sure how much even Biden’s replacement part will be allowed to do on her own. There are some powerful handlers hiding behind the curtains and pulling the strings on both of them. And an interesting question is whom they’ll position to be the replacement’s VP. Pelosi is getting kind of long in the tooth and short in the memory cells herself.

  3. Joe’s point certainly is an impotent one. 🙂

    As for the pigeons without face masks, I wish they would wear masks — at the opposite end. And you know what? The stuff they drop on my car is (gasp) WHITE! Yes, white supremacist terrorism! Call out the Collidge Diversity Police!

    Come to think of it, what do Joe and his classmates have against BLACK crows? Hmmmmm?

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