‘School Forbids Children to “Touch Snow”‘ (2018)

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Isn’t that nice? Government’s going to make us all safe. It’s going to feed our safety fetish, protect us from… Everything! And all it asks in return is to control every aspect of our lives. Like we were children.

And they like to start it at an early age. Like so:

School Forbids Children to ‘Touch Snow’

Admittedly, Britain is ahead of us in the down-with-adulthood derby. But every time I hear someone say “Stay safe,” it puts my teeth on edge. Like, “safety” is worth anything you pay for it–even worth your freedom?

You can’t stand tall if you’re always hunkered down.

4 comments on “‘School Forbids Children to “Touch Snow”‘ (2018)

  1. These days, when people say “Stay safe” to me, I generally reply “Oh no, that’s no fun at all.”

  2. My friends would wish me “Take it easy.” Now many say “Be safe” and it sets my teeth on edge. I know the Wuhan Virus will play itself out like all viruses do, but until thing I hate to witness what the globalist have done to the nations of the world because of it. A backlash is coming, and it is coming from the throne of God. Remember all those angels Jesus could have called upon when He was arrested? Well, they are still at God’s disposal, and Hebrews says they are messengers for the children of God.

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