Dying to be Famous

Daredevil falls to his death from 62-story building

So there was this Chinese guy who wanted to be a YouTube celebrity  (I never heard of him until last night), so he filmed himself doing wacko crazy stunts way up high on skyscrapers. And it worked for a while, his videos were going viral; but of course, he wound up getting stuck with having to make his stunts increasingly dangerous in order to keep his audience.

And eventually he got halfway through a stunt he couldn’t do, and that was the end of him.

Now what was all this for? Well, for no other reason than to increase his own personal fame. He became his own human sacrifice to his own idol–himself.

Just one of God knows how many nooze stories a day pointing to the piecemeal destruction and collapse of our global civilization. Largely due to worshiping all kinds of false gods and ignoring the only real One.

Do you want to be saved? YouTube numbers won’t save you. Viral videos of yourself swallowing Tide pods won’t save you.

Jesus saves. And I doubt He watches YouTube stunts.


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  1. YouTube can be very useful and positive, but it has also created a sort of “stardom” which is attainable to anyone that manages to attract a following. Because of this, we have the phenomenon of people starting with a good premise, but diluting their channel with low-quality content, just to have fresh videos to post. The result is inevitable, the viewership declines, because the videos seem forced and lack content, or are repetitive. As they see their views slipping away, they make more videos and further dilute the quality, until their videos are so bad that even the most loyal followers don’t take the time to watch. If they would back off and concentrate on quality, they would probably retain a following, but YouTube pays for number of views, so they keep churning it out.

    Occasionally, someone with real talent emerges in YouTube, and there are some very successful sites out there which have maintained a following for years. But for every one of those, there are numerous wannabes that will go to ever greater lengths to attract viewers, including taking huge risks. Fame is a two edged sword.

    1. I remember when you actually had to do something if you wanted to be famous.

      Of course I’d like to generate more views for this humble blog, and I’m mystified by the fall-off in view numbers. But I do draw the line at swallowing Tide pods or falling off skyscrapers.

  2. I saw a movie a couple of years ago based on the true story of the guy from Europe who walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers, except when he was done, he was done. He didn’t do it for glory but to fulfill a dream – pretty good movie.

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