Governed by Swine

WATCH: 'Environmentalist' Buttigieg unloads bike from SUV before riding the short distance to his destination

Democrats raise hypocrisy to a form of high art.

Our new Secretary of Transportation, homosexual Pete Whatsisname, drives an SUV–ooh! But at the same time, he wants to be Mr. Environment. So when he’s almost to wherever he happens to be going, he stops the car and takes a bike down from the rack, puts on his little helmet, and has the nooze cameras film him pedaling to work–in a suit and tie, no less (

Lookit me! I’m saving the environment!

At the same time, this waste of space is on record saying the government should a) increase the tax on gasoline and b) impose a brand-new tax for miles driven. That’ll learn us! Who do we think we are, using our cars to go places?

Well, that was Little Peter’s reward for scrapping his own candidacy and endorsing China Joe Biden.

He’s part of our punishment.

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  1. Yeah, that is typical. Like Mr. “inconvenient truth” living in a huge mansion, burning tons of power, wagging a finger of reprimand at everyone who isn’t living in a cramped multi-unit dwelling.

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