Even Our Crooks Are Stupid

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While we wait to see which common, everyday noun will be next to be labeled “racist,” we reflect on the decline of our culture. Even our professional criminals behave like amateurs.

A big-time mafiosi, wanted for drug trafficking and on the lam since 2014, was recently arrested… after posting videos of himself on YouTube (https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/03/alleged-mafia-fugitive-posted-cooking-videos-to-youtube-leading-to-arrest/). A Professor Moriarty he’s not.

Yeah, there he was, hiding out in the Dominican Republic. Maybe he was just stuck for something to do. Maybe he was a Jacques Pepin wannabe. Whatever the case, he took to making cooking videos and posting them on YouTube. He was always careful not to let the camera capture his face, which must have made for rather odd video, but the cops captured him when they recognized the tattoos on his arms. Duh.

He’s been extradited back to Italy to stand trial. Can they charge him with criminal stupidity?

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