‘Race-Baiting is a Sin’ (2016)

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When I wrote this, Obama was still the Racist-in-Chief, with he and his party doing everything they could to foment racial strife.

Race-Baiting is a Sin

And now we have the Portland school board suggesting that trees might be racist–better not use them as school mascots. They might be racist trees.

How far is this inflammatory folly going to be pushed? And what should be the fate of a political party that can only prosper if it can get people to hate and fear each other?

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  1. They are following in lock step after their father, satan, who is author of confusion, hatred, rebellion, and every ignorant attitude. The best thing we can do is turn our backs on them.

    1. I think we still have to watch them, however distasteful that may be–and stop them and defeat them whenever we can.

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