Cardinal Burke: ‘Pro-Choice’ Pols Are Apostates

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Cardinal Burke

As America’s Democrat politicians act to expand the abortion industry, Cardinal Raymond Burke refuses to countenance their evil work–especially when it’s done by politicians who pass themselves off as Catholic (

These, he said on his website this week, are apostates–and should be denied communion.

Killing babies and selling their body parts is flagrantly against Biblical and Church teaching–so why does the Catholic Church in America, more often than not, allow politicians who “publicly and obstinately” support and promote abortion to receive communion?

The excuse offered by many churchmen is that they’re simply averse to “politicizing the Eucharist.” It’s hard to decide what to call this–arrant hypocrisy or just plain bunk. “Moral cowardice” might fit; and “corruption” also springs to mind.

The cardinal says his remarks were prompted by people constantly asking him why those politicians continue to receive communion despite their “refusal to live in accord to the fundamental truth of faith and morality.”

He is trying to provide guidance that certain priests and bishops have chosen not to provide.

We salute Cardinal Burke as a Christian hero standing against a widespread evil in an evil age.

Many of those pro-abortion politicians, in between trips to church, are also on the bandwagon for “transgender,” homosexuality, and other sins that have morphed into public policies and political movements.

It hardly needs to be said that many Protestant church leaders are just as guilty of the same.

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    1. Cardinal Burke pulls no punches; but I’m not sure he ever made that quote. Sounds like it could be Archbishop Vigano.

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