‘The Day of the Pimp’ (2015)

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Remember this? An ad campaign to rally support for Obamacare by touting it as a means of sexual liberation: thanks to Obamacare, women could have unrestricted sex with as many partners as they wished–and the government would pay for contraception: or, even better, abortion.

The Day of the Pimp

Now we are told some 80 million of us want this kind of government, and voted for a Pimp-in-Chief.

But that’s just another nooze media lie.

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  1. Looking back upon people I have known through the years, and especially people I have known in the workplace, it’s obvious that being truly promiscuous does not lead to a better, or happier life. I can think of three former coworkers who regularly cheated on their wives and they also happen to be the three most miserable people I ever encountered.

    Biblical morality is despised by many, in our day, but it offers protection from many bad things which can ensnare us. For one, it protects us from the risk of disease. It strengthens the family, and the family strengthens society. The three fellows I mentioned above seemed obsessed with their paramours, spending inordinate amounts of time being distracted, like a teen-aged boy with a crush on a girl. Romance is all well and good, but when a grown man spends hours of his workday on the phone with his girlfriend, something is seriously wrong.

    I was fortunate to have been raised in a family where strong moral values were instilled in me from an early age. Likewise, I am fortunate that my parents were sober, moral people that practiced the th8ngs they taught me. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and sexual immorality were things my parents warned me about early on. My father made certain that I knew about all of this early enough in life that I wasn’t ensnared.

    Encouraging immorality, such as in the ad that was cited, strikes me as one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard of. I really can’t imagine why anyone would do this, unless they were simply pandering for votes … and, of course, that’s just what they were doing.

    1. Imagine a government who believes its function is to lead people into immorality. Uh, well–okay, we don’t have to imagine it, do we?

  2. BTW, I lived in Colorado for decades and considered it home, but the direction that the state has taken in recent decades has made it a place I’d rather not even visit, anymore.

  3. Right on. Womens Lib has been the unraveling of morals and has produced nothing positive for the society. I remember the women and the men in the generation where I grew up, and remember no woman I ever knew as feeling the need to be “liberated”. Those of us who grew up in the era of morality and respect for family and righteousness were indeed blessed. We are the ones who are horrified by current conditions.

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