“Experts” Say “Kiss Normal Lives Goodbye”

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It’d be hard to find anything in history more appalling than the dazzlingly swift rise of medical “experts” as a totalitarian authority, worldwide.

According to the sages at a Canadian think tank, the Cascade Institute, King COVID is here to stay, more pandemics are likely, and “normality will probably look a bit different” from now on (https://www.timescolonist.com/islander/the-new-normal-don-t-expect-a-return-to-pre-pandemic-life-experts-say-1.24294201).

“There isn’t going to be any normal anymore,” crowed a Scientist–and of course, of course, he went on to link the future parade of pandemics to–do you want to guess?–Climate Change!

“We can only deal with this kind of problem by developing some kind of global response,” he added. Yowsah! Global government! We just knew it was the way this had to go!

Why have we given them so much power over us? Because they, and power-hungry politicians, and our lying, scheming nooze media have scared us silly–made us think we’re all gonna die unless we do as they say.

Pray hard. This is, so far, the ultimate threat ever leveled at our right to live like human beings… and God’s going to have to do something about it, because I don’t think we can. Too many people have been made too crazy with fear.

Meanwhile, we can look forward to more Mandates (instead of laws), more stay-at-home orders, face masks and social distancing forever–everything that makes a dictator’s life worth living. Granted, it’s much worse in Britain and Canada than it is here; but we have Democrats in charge, and they will erase our civil liberties if they can.

O Lord our God! Forgive our sins, forgive us again, and for your great name’s sake, deliver us out of the hands of these predators. We appeal to you as the judge of all the earth–in Jesus’ name, Amen.

7 comments on ““Experts” Say “Kiss Normal Lives Goodbye”

  1. But but but … look at how much more lightweight the chains are than those used a hundred years ago. Technology has made slavery so much easier on us! And after all, it’s For Our Own Good.

  2. Every dictator in history made excuses to justify the things they did, but in the end it was still tyranny. We
    should NEVER accept a “new” normal. This is our generation’s fight and win it we must.

  3. This is all in the category of Climate Change – a complete farce. Viruses come and then they go. Life goes on. There will always be Spring & Summer, Fall & Winter – remember the rainbow?

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