When Your Lamb Says, ‘Pet Me’

I believe the only animal mentioned in the Bible as a pet is the ewe lamb in Nathan’s parable to David (2 Samuel 12:1-4).

If a lamb did this with me, he or she would be my lamb forever.

What we’re getting here is a little glimpse of paradise. God has good things in store for us.

6 comments on “When Your Lamb Says, ‘Pet Me’

  1. Of course, he was talking about Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba whom David “took” and then condemned Uriah to death when he would not go into Bathsheba in order to cover her pregnancy by David.

  2. By the end, it looks as if other lambs are gathering around to get their share of the petting.

    The ewe lamb in Nathan’s parable, which must have had a counterpart in real life or else the parable wouldn’t have made sense in its time, was probably being raised for breeding and/or milk, hence the specification that it’s a “ewe” lamb. Other lambs would have been raised for use as food or sacrifice. But it still might have been hard to make a pet out of one lamb while raising the others to be killed. Then again, in the parable the man has only one lamb, so he wouldn’t have had that problem. And don’t you hate it when people like me literalize parables? 🙂

    1. But like you said, if it didn’t reflect some aspect of real life, it wouldn’t make any sense.
      Literalize all you like! I’m just glad to keep a few readers. I’m losing them in droves–this blog feels like a flatline liberal church lately.

    2. Actually, I may be disappearing intermittently over the next few days myself. Too many details to go into, but work being done in our parking garage over the weekend — or not done, so it may have to be “done” over — disrupted my normal chore routine so much that I’m still trying to catch up, and not succeeding very well. And I’m exhausted, so I may just take some nap time now and then, which will of course further disrupt my schedule. I haven’t even listened to two of my favorite daily podcasts since last week. I’ll do what I can for the Glory And Honor of everyone here, but I’m plumb tuckered out. (Query: Is it plum as in fruit, or plumb as in measurements?)

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