‘O, Worship the King’

This was the first hymn I ever learned to play on the harmonica–O Worship the King, sung here by the Pilgrim Mennonite Mission.

Hymn requests, anyone?

5 comments on “‘O, Worship the King’

  1. In the Sweet By and By. I think Andy Griffith does a version.
    I like the lamb petting, but the oreo cookie thing not so much. If we are out of fruit one day, a cookie or two is better than starvation.

    1. We have a right to give our children cookies if we like. But then we used to have the right to control the local school districts that we pay for, didn’t we?

  2. Yes. My mother visited our school a number of times, and she did make suggestions. When my sons were in school, their dad visited the schools and so did I. I don’t think they appreciated our input very much, but they listened and did as we asked. By the time my grandsons were in school— forget it.

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