‘School Blasts Mom for Giving Daughter Oreos’ (2015)

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Remember when it used to be that, if you paid for something, you owned it?

Now we pay for public, ahem, “education”–and they own us!

School Blasts Mom for Giving Daughter Oreos

Nothing would be a greater blessing to America than the total repudiation of our entire public education system, from kindergarten on up through the universities. We don’t need it anymore! If we ever did.

Complete the sentence and win a tin foil hat: I send my kids to public schools where the “teachers” mock me and despise my values because __________.

2 comments on “‘School Blasts Mom for Giving Daughter Oreos’ (2015)

  1. The parents in this case should have sued the school for allowing anyone other than a credentialed dietitian to make decisions about nutrition — although given the crazy state of dietetics these days, a credentialed dietitian might not have done much better. In particular, peanut butter accompanied by bread or crackers is a complete protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals. It’s not a junk food. It’s a nourishing, muscle-building food. Grrr. (Sorry. Nutrition is one of my little hobby horses.)

    And bread and potatoes??? That is truly bizarre.

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