Raping Your Mind


Remember, ten years ago, a number of TV “reporters”–and Judge Judy, too–suddenly started talking gibberish? On camera, in fact. They couldn’t help themselves. And as far as I know, nobody ever found out what was wrong with them.

In 1957, in a Young Adult “science adventure” novel by Hal Goodwin (dba John G. Blaine), The Electronic Mind Reader, the bad guys get hold of a new technology that enables them to stop scientific projects by scrambling the scientists’ brains. The victims are reduced to spouting gibberish.

Hal Goodwin was in the loop. He’d worked for quite a few different government agencies, traveled the world, and knew a lot of people high up on the ladder.

So what had he heard of, or glimpsed, in 1957 that inspired him to write that book? Which seems a particularly scary little book today, now that big-name Scientists are talking about hatching a new technology that will allow them to put stuff into someone’s brain without cutting him open. Or take stuff out. And–get this!–they describe it as “reading” the subject’s brain. As in The Electronic Mind Reader.

Using technology wisely, we can all become sock puppets. The only question to be asked is… whose?

Are they, uh, daring God to intervene? Does that ever turn out well?

I think they are. Whether they know it or not.

7 comments on “Raping Your Mind

  1. This gibberish can happen when one has an ischemic stroke. It can last for a few minutes, or sometimes longer. I wonder if these people are somehow caused to suffer these strokes?

    1. They did test for that at the time, and at the time, ruled it out.
      If Hal Goodwin had written his book in 2011 instead of 1957, he probably would have thought of doing the “reading” by remote control.

  2. Mike Lindel has launched his http://www.FrankSpeech.com network. Today he is releasing how the Dominion voter machines were hacked by foreign countries. Gen. Mike Flynn is on-board with this. As much as the Left has tried to hack the launch of this new site, it is going strong today. Trump actually won all the Swing States, and Rhode Island and a bunch more – it was a giant landslide. God is exposing the Left so we can drive out the darkness with the light of truth. We are the majority, not the Left.

    1. The Arizona audit is about to start, and I know of other states that are either planning an audit or trying to get one started. There are still a lot of people still asleep. When the truth comes out my hopes it that cause an awakening. It’s one thing to suspect there was fraud, but it’s quite another to actually see the proof.

    2. Let’s pray for that–our courts have made it quite clear that they refuse to hear the case.
      But the story is not going away, despite the best efforts of our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc.

  3. I do t think that they are anywhere near being able to inject thoughts in one’s mind, but I think that it may be possible to interfere with certain mental processes. That’s scary enough.

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