‘The Pretensions of Man’ (Mark Rushdoony)

Mark Rushdoony, 'The Sweep of History' – Lee Duigon

In this month’s Chalcedon blog post, Mark Rushdoony reflects on people playing God: they’re in over their heads.


Mark and I are close enough in age that we can both remember “air raid drills”–in case of an atomic bomb dropping on your school, “duck and cover” under your desk or get down to the basement hallway. Now it’s Systemic Racism and Climbit Change. “If men do not have an imminent threat to fear,” he writes, “they will find one.” And it’s very much a case of seek and ye shall find: no one ever comes home empty-handed from a search for The End O’ The World.

Finite creatures as we are, we’ll never fully understand anything God does. It’s why we need faith. We see the ungodly and the wicked running wild, intending to “transform” our country into a socialist hell-hole… and there is just no way we understand why God doesn’t just wipe them off the table.

Have faith.

It’s indispensable.

‘The Humanist Messiah’ (2017)

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They call themselves humanists, but they want to get rid of the human race and replace it with something better: something created by themselves.

The Humanist Messiah

Artificial Intelligence! Homo sapiens 2.0! This time it’ll be perfect! We’ll have a perfect utopian world with free stuff for all and philosopher-kings to manage it for us!

Lord Jesus defend us.

‘When Fools Play God’ (2016)

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You have to study a lot of history, and be well up on current events, to understand why the Bible comes down so strongly on idolatry.

When Fools Play God

Because it’s the root of so much evil, that’s why! Really, read that “Humanist Manifesto II” sometime: these people are freakin’ crazy.

And it all starts with worshiping the work of your own hands.

‘Damned If They Do, damned If They Don’t’ (2017)

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Some years ago, a bunch of Italian scientists got sent to prison for failing to predict an earthquake.

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t

I’m sure they would’ve gotten in just as much trouble if they had predicted an earthquake and it never happened–town evacuated, looters have a field day. etc.

This is what happens when your country, like Italy, sets up a National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks. Once you’ve got the plebs paying you to play God, you find out it’s not such an easy gig!

But you’re stuck with it, sunshine–because that’s humanist ideology: with The Smartest People In The World in charge of everything, nothing can ever go wrong! Unless, of course, some bad egg doesn’t do his job, or actively subverts Incredibly Smart Policies.

Can you blame Him for being mad at us?

‘When Fools Play God’ (2016)


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With The Smartest People In The World in charge, nothing bad should ever happen.

And yet it does! How can that be?

When Fools Play God

I might have some tolerance for utopianism, if anyone in history ever succeeded in creating a utopia. Usually all you get are prison camps and lots of dead bodies. All for our own good, of course.

The Race for Eternal Life

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The monkey juice doesn’t do much for his posture.

Companies race to find the key to eternal life–I thought it was click-bait, but I clicked anyway.

It’s a Market Watch article about companies investing hundreds of millions of dollars, worldwide, in various scientific schemes to “reverse aging” (https://www.marketwatch.com/story/companies-race-to-find-the-key-to-eternal-life-2019-08-19).

This is not new. In 1923 Arthur Conan Doyle published a Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Creeping Man, in which an elderly professor, obsessed by his desire to marry a young woman, tries to restore his own youth by dosing himself with an “extract” from monkeys. It debases and degrades him, with Holmes and Watson only narrowly preventing a tragedy. Such “science,” reflects Holmes, would lead to a calamity for the human race: “It would be the survival of the least fit.”

Which brings us back up to 2019.

Perpetual youth would be bound to be expensive. Only the rich and the powerful, and great criminals, could afford it: “the least fit.” Trust Holmes to get it right.

In a Godless age, Godless men and women look to their idols, science and the state, to do for them all the things that God has promised to do–only of course they don’t believe in Him. Let’s be smart! Let’s give incredible and unprecedented powers to fools and sinners! And they’ll take us to Utopia, by cracky!

Think about it–another 700 years of being lorded over by every power-hungry jidrool in Congress, Hollywood, and Wall Street. All the ones we’ve got now, forever.

If that doesn’t make you run screaming back to the Bible, what will?

‘Libs and the Unjust Lottery of Life’ (2015)

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Honestly, has there ever been a folly that’s done more harm than this–“There is no God, but never mind: we are here to do everything He ought to have done if He’d existed”?

Libs and ‘The Unjust Lottery of Life’

Inhabiting as they do–or rather, think they do–a random, chance-driven universe, secular utopians take upon themselves the task of putting it right. That’s where all those fundamental transformations come from.

The truth of the matter is that even blind chance does a better job than they do.

Liberals. First they tell you life’s a lottery, and then they try to rig the lottery.

‘Mouse Utopia’… Failed

What if you could set up a society in which everybody’s needs were met, no danger, no disease, no poverty, plenty of everything to go around, and no stress? What if you could really do it?

Well, here’s a scientist who did that for mice, as an experiment; and it went along just fine for a while, but eventually all the mice died out. For those who attribute this to overcrowding, the experimenter found that the mice overcrowded themselves and had plenty of space left that they just weren’t using. They seemed to lose their purpose in life, stopped breeding, stopped interacting, and just dwindled away.

Oh, but they were only mice! A utopia designed by scientists for people, why, that would really work!

As someone who has had a lot of experience with mice, I can say they are intelligent, adaptable–in fact, you’d hardly believe how intelligent they really are–with distinctive individual personalities and abilities: indeed, they’re more like us than some would care to admit.

Having the mouse equivalent of a guaranteed income, social equality, and all the free stuff they could possibly need… simply killed them. Killed ’em dead.

He who has ears, let him hear.

The World Happiness Council… No Joke

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News from that other religion, the one all those Terribly Smart People believe in:

Did you know there is now an official and bona fide World Happiness Council? It’s true. After years of preparation, it was launched this very month at the World Government Summit in Dubai (https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/item/26065-be-happy-that-s-an-order). It will be funded by the United Nations, most of which is funded by the defenseless American taxpayer.

As Sheik Whatsisname put it, “The role of governments is to bring happiness to their peoples.” And wouldn’t Ray Bradbury have a field day with that, if he were still alive.

The big shots on the council include globalist zillionaires, a couple of Muslim oil sheikhs, the odd (very odd) Western academic, and a few individuals who were jailers under communist regimes. What could possibly go wrong?

I wonder what the punishments will be for not being happy? And who will decide what kinds of happiness are to be allowed? What if you can only be happy if someone else is unhappy? But we are multiplying absurdities.

Yo, government–you want to make us happy? Leave us alone! That’s right–butt out. Just do the things the Bible says you ought to do–protect us from those who try to do us harm, punish those who do wrong, and try to keep the peace. Actually, that’s more than enough work for any government, certainly enough to keep you busy! A government that can do those things, does well.

But a government who sees it as its job to make you happy? (Shakes head in pitying disbelief)

That sounds like it just might be the most dangerous thing that anyone has ever thought of.

When Fools Play God

Image result for the golden calf

What do all of these have in common–safe space, hate speech laws, “affirming” and “celebrating” whatever aberrant “lifestyle” anyone can think of, vaccinating infants for every disease under the sun, and claiming that government action and policies can control the earth’s natural processes and prevent “Climate Change”?

All of these, and more, flow naturally, inevitably, from the cockeyed humanist project to set man up in place of God: and for “man” read “government.”

To out-do God in being God, these people seek to remove any and all challenges from life. Don’t take my word for it: read “the Humanist Manifesto II.” (http://americanhumanist.org/Humanism/Humanist_Manifesto_II) “Using technology wisely,” we can wipe out disease, direct the course of human evolution, end war and poverty, and blah-blah-blah.

They can’t promise eternal life and forgiveness of sins (“Not yet, not yet–but we’re working on it!”), but for the time being they can transform the world into a secular paradise in which nothing bad ever happens–not even bad weather. And if perchance it does, well, it must be somebody’s fault it happened, and the government will soon take care of it.

This from people who would be hard-put to organize a softball tournament.

This is what we get from leaders and wise men who abandon God–now they’re the ones who have to be God! But don’t worry, it’s just bound to work: because they’re so smart, their intentions are so good, and anyhow human beings are naturally good and that will become apparent as soon as our masters engineer all the bugs out of the system. The problem is not original sin, oh, no! It’s just that our environment has been so screwed up by capitalism, racism, sexism, White Privilege, and yes, you bet, by Religion in general and Christianity in particular… and once we get rid of all that stuff, you’ll see heaven on earth.

But they have to prove they can do it–hence all these policies and programs to take all the struggle, all the stress, all the pain, and all the disappointment out of life: because if God were half as smart as they are, He never would’ve created such a defective world.

It started in the Garden of Eden and it’s still going strong today.

And Heaven help us if we’re fool enough to trust these people.