Anyone Got Jumper Cables?

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here, trying to resuscitate Lee’s blog.

We can’t figure out what’s wrong. The regular readers are all still here, there are 1,700-plus signed up as followers–and yet the view numbers keep sinking and sinking. Today they’re back to where they were in 2015.

We’ve tried everything. More hymns, fewer hymns. More nooze, less nooze. More laughs, fewer laughs. More video, less video. Nothing works. And WordPress insists there’s nothing wrong at all. Well, they would.

With the entire faculty at Quokka University working on the problem, we still haven’t come up with an answer. If there’s anybody out there who can understand this and explain it, we’d love to hear from you! Like, maybe posts are not getting to where they need to go, or something like that.

So far the only advice I can give is to muddle along.

P.S.–I’m wearing the shades in case they come looking for me.

P.P.S.–Jumper cables! That might do it. Anybody got some?

4 comments on “Anyone Got Jumper Cables?

  1. Nice shades, Byron! 🙂 Maybe some infrared goggles would help, too, if Lee has been shadow-banned.

    Unknowable, you’re our tech expert. Any ideas?

  2. I wonder; does WordPress have their version of shadowbanning? Where certain sites no long show up in people’s feeds and notifications, or in recommended sites?

    1. I don’t know, and I doubt they would admit it if they did. I do know that sometimes readers get dropped from the notification list for no apparent reason.
      Lately I’m down about 100 views a day, every day. And I have no idea why. It’s extremely frustrating.

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