‘Another Abomination, from Another Liberal’ (2018)

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Libs can’t stop race-hustling even in the midst of tragedy. For them, there is no occasion that doesn’t require a cry of “Racism!”

Another Abomination, from Another Liberal

How many undocumented Guatemalan “asylum seekers” did she expect to find on a western Canadian junior hockey team bus? Has “race” eaten up their minds? And what on earth would they ever do with themselves if they didn’t have “racism” to obsess over?

And now they own our government. Doesn’t matter that they stole it. Now they own it.

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  1. What would they do without “racism” to eat up their minds? Well, they’ve been doing a pretty good job with sexism, homophobia, and a few other isms and phobias up to now. But “racism” does seem to be a pretty good money-maker — and failure to use it seems to be a pretty good arson- and looting-maker.

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