Yes, There is a Comment Contest


Our Comment Counter is working its way to 73,000, and when it gets to 75,000, we’ll have a winner. And if it’s you, the prize is either an autographed book or one of those cool T-shirts pictured above. In real life the shirt won’t be out of focus. It will clearly read,

“If they have to kill us, they’ve lost. –Lee Duigon”

Lately our viewer numbers have sunk back to where they were in 2015 or so, which is very discouraging. So it’ll take longer than anticipated to get to 75,000 comments. I suspect that some mischief has been done to this blog, perhaps inadvertently, but I’m not tech-savvy enough to figure it out.

You can, of course, comment as many times as you like, and the contest is open to all.

12 comments on “Yes, There is a Comment Contest

  1. I have to admit I completely forgot about the contest. I know that not all the articles are getting to me as they should, because I sometimes see “previous” notes, and even then, I know some of my replies are not going through either. I don’t know if it is my computer, its program (which has made some stupid changes) or if I am not hitting the right spot when I try to send. sigh…..

  2. My comment is the motto of the Richard Nixon School of Paranoia:
    “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not after you.”

  3. I’ve just stared using the browser, SeaMonkey, today. I’ve been using Firefox since I started my own blog, but it’s been having all sorts of problems with things not loading right, weird colours, text appearing in bits, etc. For some reason, your blog has been been showing this stuff more than any other one.

    With this new browser, all of that stuff has gone away, so that was a Firefox problem, but I now have a security warning from my browser that I am seeing only on your blog. It reads “Insecure information on this page was blocked.” It then gives me options to unblock, etc, but it does not tell me *what* insecure information it’s referring to.

    I’ve been catching up on my blogs (now that things are loading properly), so I’ve worked my way through about 30 posts or more by now, and no other blog has had this warning pop up in my browser.

    Whatever is causing the warning, other people’s browsers might be flagging your blog for security issues, and that’s why people aren’t visiting your site as often. It’s just a guess, and I might be wildly off base but, as I said, no other WordPress blog I’ve gone to today has had this warning pop up.

    1. Okay, there’s more!

      My comment above would not post. It kept timing out. That pop up I mentioned gave me the option to keep blocking or unblock. On a hunch, I clicked unblock.

      My comment immediately posted.

      I now have a red bar across my browser window reading:

      “You have requested an encrypted page that contains insecure information. Information that you see or enter on this page could easily be read by a third party.”

      Again, there is nothing to tell me what this insecure information is.

      Whether or not this has anything to do with your stats, there is definitely something going on in the background of your blog that is not showing up for me on any other blog – and you are also the only blog I follow that has written about this drop in stats.

    2. I was just talking to my daughter about your issues, and she has heard if it before, though not on a WordPress platform. She brought up the possibility of a third party widget on your page that might be triggering the security blocks. You may wish to ask your webmistress to check what widgets are being used that might be causing a third party warning.

    3. Whatever it is, it’s not you, and may not even be WordPress. However, if you *are* being shadow banned, it’s not like they would admit it.

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