Those Pesky Mermaids!

What do you believe when you don’t believe the truth? You don’t just stop believing, period. That’s impossible. We aren’t made that way.

In Zimbabwe, back in 2012, construction of a reservoir was delayed by complaints that mermaids were harassing the workers. The country’s president ordered “traditional beer” to be dumped in the water to propitiate the mermaids–or at least make them too drunk to bother anyone.

But you don’t have to be president of Zimbabwe to believe in mermaids. Here’s a YouTuber who has assigned himself the mission of “blowing the lid off this whole ‘mermaids aren’t real’ garbage the government has been spouting.” Disbelief in mermaids, he adds, is “a conspiracy made up by the government.”

You don’t believe in nothing.

You believe in twaddle.

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