‘Nero and His Kind: Fear Them Not’ (2017)

Granted, insane wicked tyrants can do immeasurable damage. How many innocent people, in the 20th century alone, were murdered by their own governments?

But they can’t do everything they think they can.

Nero and His Kind: Fear Them Not

Although God works within man’s free will, we can still see that no evil empire has ever risen up that was not brought down, sooner or later. To those who insist that God is just a bystander, I can only answer: if He was, we humans would be long extinct.

Nero is gone, but Christ’s Church lives.

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  1. It is astounding to see how willfully blind humans are. They are so deluded as to think they can control the world and bring it to its knees. I wish they would all be confronted with Psalm 2 in all its truth and power.

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