‘The Nuts Are Out There’ (2014)

Doggone conspiracy got us again!

Just listen, just take in the ambient environment… and you’ll hear stuff that’s downright crazy.

The Nuts Are Out There

Why, pray tell, would “the corporations” want to kill off all their customers? Does George W. Bush really perform human sacrifices in… Denver? And how come rich, all-powerful bad guys can’t keep secrets from Joe Blow on the Internet?

Mark Rushdoony says conspiracy theories are out there because a lot of people want them–takes the heat off ourselves, if faceless plotters are to blame. “It’s not my fault! The Illuminati did it!” Totally lets the rest of us off the hook.

‘Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord’ (2016)

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Oh, please… a TV “Event.”

I really hate conspiracy theories. Most of the bad stuff happens right before our eyes, and the perpetrators brag about it.

Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord

So here’s some twaddle about Christianity itself as a big fat conspiracy theory cooked up by the Romans… for no conceivable reason.

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Those Pesky Mermaids!

What do you believe when you don’t believe the truth? You don’t just stop believing, period. That’s impossible. We aren’t made that way.

In Zimbabwe, back in 2012, construction of a reservoir was delayed by complaints that mermaids were harassing the workers. The country’s president ordered “traditional beer” to be dumped in the water to propitiate the mermaids–or at least make them too drunk to bother anyone.

But you don’t have to be president of Zimbabwe to believe in mermaids. Here’s a YouTuber who has assigned himself the mission of “blowing the lid off this whole ‘mermaids aren’t real’ garbage the government has been spouting.” Disbelief in mermaids, he adds, is “a conspiracy made up by the government.”

You don’t believe in nothing.

You believe in twaddle.

What Are They Doing To Us?

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I just had a most unsettling thought.

What if the whole COVID panic, world-wide, and the stolen election caper here at home, are both part of a coordinated effort by globalists and other super-villains to impose their jive utopia on us?

If you know me, you know I hate conspiracy theories. But look at all the tricks the bad guys pulled in this election. Mountains and mountains of evidence–but you’ve still got the nooze media yapping about “President-elect Biden” and Fascist Fauci telling us all to do what we’re told and the government in Wales telling people they can’t buy books… and transgender, and Drag Queen Story Hour–

What if it’s all part of the same thing? Because all of these various abominations seem to have a hellish synergy. They go together very well!

Oh, but just think of how grateful Satan will be to them for carrying out his plans!

Uh-huh. A spider in a jar has better prospects than anyone who counts on Satan’s gratitude.

‘Loopy Thinking Gets Around’ (2013)

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Remember the solar eclipse of 2017?

Remember the kooks who said it was a hoax?

Loopy Thinking Gets Around

Well, heck, why not? The Russia Hoax was going on, at the time. And our civilization hasn’t gotten any saner since then. Still, faking a solar eclipse that was seen across North America–that’s really stretching it.

‘Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord’ (2016)

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“Scholars,” eh?

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Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord

I happened to be leafing through the latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review last night. With Herschel Shanks retired as editor-in-chief, the new regime has filled the magazine with ads for books to Reputable Bible Scholars Inc. alleging there was no such person as Jesus Christ–or at best, he was just a nice guy who ran afoul of the Romans.

They are evangelists for atheism. And paganism.

What do they get out of it? Search me.

Now for the Next Impeachment!

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“Look into my eyes!”

I don’t want to get scooped on this scandal, so I can’t keep mum about it any longer.

This, we are assured by thoroughly unreliable sources, is The Big Scandal That Ties It All Together–Russian collusion, the Coronavirus, Jeffrey Epstein, emoluments, transphobia, dance fever, Roswell, and the 1919 World Series.

All of them orchestrated by Donald Trump–who, incidentally, is not really Donald Trump.

Now don’t ask me for details, because this time House Democrats are determined to keep it all under wraps. This time no one, not even Adam Schiff, knows the identity of The Whistleblower. This time no one will be allowed to know the exact charges laid against the man who calls himself Donald Trump. This time the Guilty verdict will be announced before the trial–if there even is a trial. There’s a Georgetown law professor who says the House can remove the president from office without a trial and without involving the Senate.

This is… The Real Bombshell. Forget the thousand stupid little nothing bombshells that went before it. This time we’re looking at Kaboom City.

It also has something to do with Climate Change, but that’s all I dare to say about it.


September 11 – Conspiracy Theories

I was going to write about September 11 today, but The River Walk has done it better.   –LD

‘I Stand Corrected’ (2013)

I’m still amazed, always, when I encounter conspiracy theories that say dinosaurs never existed, they’re just a massive hoax cooked up by “the corporations” or whoever. How did so many people come to think this way–if you can even call it thinking?


‘Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord’ (2016)

I wonder if we’d be so vulnerable to conspiracy-think these days if our news media were not torpid, incompetent, and  biased.

Anyway, here’s a particularly objectionable wacko conspiracy theory…

Conspiracy Baloney Aimed at Our Lord