‘A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus’ (2016)

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Do you think our politicians take our country’s future seriously?

Think again!

A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus

In 2016 Democrats chose to flip a coin–literally– to decide the outcomes of several county primaries in Iowa. This is what a sane person calls frivolous. As in “not having any serious purpose or value.” Hey, they’re all gonna be rich no matter who wins.

In the five years since this was written, the only thing they’ve proved they’re serious about is doing as much damage to our country as they can.

3 comments on “‘A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus’ (2016)

  1. It is amazing. One would think that anyone whose home is in this nation would be interested in keeping it secure and on the right track. At their ages, they should be well aware of the horrible damage done to any nation that is socialist or communist, but they do not seem to understand. That is what spiritual blindness does to people. “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…” That pretty well explains it.

    1. Like I said, what do they care? They come out ahead no matter what.
      No one goes home poor from Capitol Hill.

  2. These people truly believe in Karl Marx’s prediction that the whole world becoming communistic is inevitable. They believe they are the future – and they are terribly wrong! The greatest deception Satan has blinded today’s church with is that socialism is taught in the Bible. The second greatest deception is that Christians are not to resist the government.

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