Cat Smacks Down Wokie

[Thanks to Susan for this video.]

What would possess this woman to introduce herself by saying, “I’m Whatsername, and I use she/her pronouns”? I mean, is that really the first thing you think of when you meet somebody–I wonder what pronouns she uses?

The cat isn’t having it, though. Long live the cat.

7 comments on “Cat Smacks Down Wokie

  1. I saw this on another site a couple of days ago, and I thought it was hilarious. I still do, for that matter.

    I’ve given some thought about what to say if someone asks me what my pronouns are, and I’ve finally decided to answer, “Standard English.”

    1. A very woke mummified zhlub (Bronx spelling variant). Maybe one of my former academic colleagues. Or even one of my former graduate students.

    2. “And what were you doing, Western Civilization, that you couldn’t be bothered to perpetuate yourself?” “Uh… well… all right! I was inventing new pronouns! Okay?”

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