Kitten Kapers

I hope you don’t get bored by kitten videos. As for me, I can never get enough of the antics of kittens when they confront a mirror. Priceless!

True, a lot of animals have goofy reactions to mirrors. I had to take away the mirror before my chameleon did himself a mischief.

5 comments on “Kitten Kapers

  1. I’ve always gotten a kick out of kittens and cats that see “that hornery critter” coming at them. Some of them never seem to get over it, and then others make regular attacks on the mirror just for kicks.

    1. “Don’t show a mirror to a hamster” sounds like a great title for a children’s book. Or a novelty song. 🙂

  2. My Iggy has never cared much about mirrors. I think he knew from the start that the cat in the glass wasn’t a real cat. But recently he’s begun jumping up on the sink counter in the bathroom and just sitting next to the cat in the mirror — not even particularly gazing directly at it, but just sitting next to it and looking in its general direction. I think he’s begun liking the companionship in his old age. Or maybe he just likes sitting near something beautiful. Or maybe I’m anthropomorphizing the whole thing and he just likes sitting on the sink counter.

  3. This has to be quite a dilemma for a kitten. Suddenly, there’s another kitten, right there. So they try out their scariest moves, fluff the tail, arch the back, dance on the back feet, but that other kitten matches them, move for move. It is perplexing, to say the least.

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