Let the Party Begin!

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Tap the root beer keg! Break out the Monopoly game! Set up Pin the Tail on the Donkey! Let the imaginary party begin!

I forgot, in my eagerness to get the ball rolling, that my birthday this year falls on Mother’s Day. Well, then, bring your mother to the party! We won’t run out of food or fun. There are plenty of comfy chairs under the catalpa trees for those who’d just as soon take it easy. You don’t have to play horseshoes! And later we’ll have Mad Libs, so be sure to stick around for that. My mother always laughed herself silly, playing Mad Libs.

Yes, Norbert’s been invited. I think he just ran under the table over there. And Byron the Quokka is busy collecting comments for the comment contest. Violet Crepuscular should be here soon; Joe Collidge shouldn’t be here at all.

And we are taking hymn requests today, like every day.

We’re off to a pretty slow start, so spread the word–everyone’s invited, just drop in.

12 comments on “Let the Party Begin!

  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the party to open! I have two kinds of sauerkraut ready for the hot dogs, and I’ve even brought some pickle relish for the hamburgers. Have you started up the grill yet?

    Hi, Norbert, you adorable little dog. I’m so glad your baseball game let out in time for you to come to the party. And hi to you, too, Byron. What a great time we’re all going to have.

    Oops, I almost forgot about the birthday boy. Happy happy birthday, Lee, and many blessed returns of the day. We’re all grateful to you for a chance to get together here, not just today but throughout the year.

    And now I’ll go set out the sauerkraut and pickle relish on the serving table and maybe see whether Patty needs any help with other stuff. Are Robbie and Peep going to join us?

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t stay, Son is on his way to pick me up, but wanted to hop in for a second.

  3. So happy to meet Byron and Norbert. Happy birthday Lee. Had so much fun at your party.

  4. I am on my way, just returned from church and the Mothers Day gifts. Hope your day is filled with laughs
    and your coming year will be the best ever. God bless you and Patty.

  5. Great party, Lee. Sorry I’ve had to leave early, but I have an early wakeup in the morning. I’m leaving the rest of the sauerkraut for you. Bye, Norbert. Bye, everyone. Say Bye to Byron for me when he wakes up. And let’s do this again for Lee’s 73d next year! 😀

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