This Kitten Makes Wrinkles Disappear!

Pardon the headline. I’m just trying to fool the bad guys’ Al Gore Rhythms.

See the kitten’s toy? My cousins used to have a toy like this, an inflatable clown. You’d knock it down and it would spring right back up. My wife calls such a thing a “jo-bo.” The kitten is playing with a jo-bo. I could probably use one, myself.

3 comments on “This Kitten Makes Wrinkles Disappear!

    1. For certain. I’m not always sure of just what cats are doing, but I’m sure that they do whatever is is, well. 🙂

  1. I just recently discovered Kitten Coco (Tiny Kitten), and I love him. He’s apparently a breed called “munchkin” because of the short legs. He really is adorable.

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