Bonus Hymn: ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

Two nights running I’ve heard this hymn, embedded in a TV show I happened to be watching. I take that as a sign that I ought to post it.

This is my favorite rendition of John Bunyan’s hymn, To Be a Pilgrim, by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. Belt it out there, Maddy! We need all the hymns we can get.

4 comments on “Bonus Hymn: ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

  1. Thank you. We really do need Christian songs and hymns to boost our moods up out of the troubles.

    1. No kidding. I’ve been down in the dumps lately, largely because of what’s being done to my country. But it’s hard to sustain that bad mood in the presence of a favorite hymn.

  2. They really do lift us up. After the final Lord’s Supper, they sang a hymn, so it couldn’t be the wrong thing to do.

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