13th Century Historian: Canceled!

Snorri Sturluson - Wikipedia

Snorri Sturlusson at work

A new edition of 13th-century scholar Snorri Sturlusson’s history of the kings of Norway has been…


Pander Publishing has killed the project because, said a company shill, Snorri didn’t have enough “Blacks” in his story. As an Icelander who died in 1241, Snorri was not able to write about any  African-American kings of Norway.

Said Pander president Popeye Schlubb. “It’s our job, as progressives, to give Minorities a leg up wherever we can. If Norway can’t generate its own Barack Obama, it’s up to us to generate one for them!

“Writing history is not enough. We are here to make history!”

And Minorities can’t make it on their own.


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    1. A book called “History Makers,” about historians and other writers who have influenced how history is presented, has been banned in the USA for not having enough Blax in it. They think Toni Morrison ought to rank with Shakespeare.

    2. Not many blacks in the European middle-ages, who would have thought?

  1. When things are so untrue at face value yet become pervasive across the Western World who do think is behind it? At face value it is Satan, the deceiver of the nations. Without a Christian Awakening the words of Ronald Reagan will become prophetic that we are only one generation from a 1,000 years of darkness. Let us pray that the awakening happen within our selves as we pray for the awakening to happen in others. Too much of American Christianity has become “a synagogue of Satan” (Jesus words, not mine).

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