Christian Blogger Visits the 1960s

I don’t think our friend “SlimJim” experienced the 1960s for himself; but I did, and his essay is thoughtful, penetrating, and right on target. Give it an attentive read.

Post 2020 World Being Like the 1960s?

I was in college for the anti-war movement, bomb threats on campus, hippies, drugs, “love”–whatever they meant by that–and the whole daily circus of “protests,” which were mostly virtue signalling, tumult, “days of rage,” and organized hypocrisy. Jimmy sees much the same happening in our country today; and he sees churches setting “woke ideology above the Bible.”

The Sixties bled into the Seventies and then seemingly bled out when Ronald Reagan was elected president.

But now they’re back. And for whatever my memory is worth… they’re worse.

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  1. I was working for a living in the 1960s, and I joined the Air Force in 1970, at the end of the Vietnam War — in fact, I was in one of the squadrons that did the evacuations of South Vietnam in 1975. And I have to say that most people in America weren’t opposed to the war at first. Most of the antiwar movement was engineered by the New Left, supported by the already left-leaning media, and sponsored by Hanoi. The last item isn’t tinfoil-hat speculation. In the 1990s, while doing research on the construction of the Vietnam veteran stereotype and other Vietnam War mythology, I was able to read declassified message traffic between Hanoi and some of the antiwar groups. Also, David Horowitz and Peter Collier, who were part of the New Left and then rejected it, have testified to the Communist underpinnings of the antiwar movement. Horowitz has famously stated that they didn’t just want America out of the war; they wanted the Communists to win.

    I mentioned that I was involved in the evacuations of South Vietnam (“Operation Frequent Wind”). I saw the refugees. Thousands and thousands of them. They weren’t running from us. They were running to us. Running away from the Communists whom we’d promised to defend them from. But when the left took control of Congress, Congress betrayed the South, refused to give them the help we’d promised under the peace accords. Believe me, I’ve never forgotten those refugees. If I’d ever had any remaining doubts about why we were fighting in Vietnam, I abandoned those doubts during the evacuations.

  2. I was watching a video on YouTube of some British kids in the 60s predicting what the year 2000 would be like. The majority of their predictions were of doom and gloom, but instead instead of Covid or Climate Change the major fear then was nuclear annihilation. Everything old is new again.

  3. I lived through the ’60s in So Calif. I marched in support of the Vietnam War at the first, then marched against it at the end. Our leaders did not fight to win. It became political like everything else. Today, Vietnam is a good place to buy clothes from because they don’t use asbestos and formaldehyde like China and others.

    1. It’s just too bad my viewership has been cut in half, most probably by Google playing with the search engines. I now have to work twice as hard to accomplish half as much.

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