‘Are They Out of Their So-Called Minds?’ (2018)

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Khrushchev pounding his show at the UN: one of the iconic images of my childhood

Every May, “workers” throughout the Western world set aside their luxuries and march… for freakin’ communism. They want communism.

Are They Out of Their So-Called Minds?

Teachers’ unions think they’re oppressed. They think Venezuela’s better than America.

To someone who grew up during the Cold War, this is incomprehensible. And then after that we had the spectacle of Mao Tse-tung wiping out at least 40 million of his own countrymen in peacetime, during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

When Nikita Khrushchev stood in front of the UN General Assembly and said, “We will bury you,” we took it seriously.

Democrats nowadays would buy him a shovel.

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  1. Communism has usually appealed to the very poor and the very rich. The very poor are induced to believe that others have taken what they should have themselves, and the very rich look upon the poor as pawns while patting themselves on the back as philanthropists to the poor. They always assume that they’ll be in charge and are unable to conceive of themselves as having to give up anything themselves. Meanwhile, the “kulaks,” as the Bolsheviks called anyone whom we today would classify as lower-middle to middle class and especially the self-employed, had no use for Communism. I think it was Trotsky who famously addressed a crowd in Brooklyn as “workers and peasants of Brooklyn.” They laughed at him.

    My mother was a Communist. Late in life, she finally admitted that her hatred of “rich” people was based on envy. Then she retracted the admission. But she was right. Marx himself posited history as ongoing class warfare. And without fail, Communist societies always wind up with a rich power class and a poor slave class.

    1. I’ve known persons who were consumed by envy. It’s ranked as a mortal sin for good reason. And here in the fallen world, it breaks out into communism–envy organized on a mighty scale.

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